Monday, January 27, 2014

Grocery Shopping and Menu for Jan. 27-Feb.2

Grocery Shopping:

There were some good prices on produce this week - I picked up the items below, mostly by price-matching stores that are fairly far from home.  I also got some rice flour ($2.98), so I could make a gluten-free recipe for a night's supper.  The lime was .25, the hot dogs were .50 per package, grapefruit .48, tomatoes .23, cabbage, .66, bell pepper .48, zucchini .55, broccoli .37, pineapple $1 and lettuce .88 cents.
Wal-Mart with price-matches - $8.88

I picked up a bag of tortilla chips at Dollar tree, (for a dollar) because I wanted to try them and see if they are good.  I like them fine.  They are not certified gluten free, but I can eat them.  That will make the gf corn chips last longer.  I didn't take a photo, but hey, it's a bag of tortilla chips - you get the idea, right?

Toward the end of the week, there were some amazing coupons for non-dairy milk - check it out!

half gallons almond milk - .99 each after coupon, rice milk .04 moneymaker each after coupon.  Total $1.90

At Safeway we saved 82% after sales and coupons.  The mayo was .99 each after sale coupon, green tea .49 after sale and coupon, tp averaged .29 each after sale and coupon...and then tax brought it to $4.75 total.  Not bad...not bad at all!

$4.75 total at Safeway

We were in town for some other things and stopped by King Sooper to get a free yogurt we had loaded to our shopper card.  I picked up the mints and lemons from the markdown shelf - .79 for the mints and .99 for all three lemons.  The yogurt was free.

$1.78 at King Sooper

Finally (finally!) we stopped at Sprouts to take advantage of a sale on gluten free items.  The pasta was 1.50, tamari was $2 per bottle and the pizza crust mix was 2.39.  It is enough to make two 12 inch pizzas, so we'll just use it for our GF family member.  Yogurt raisins were .77 - that is not all of them, because we had already eaten some.  Daughter and Hubby also got a little chocolate honeycomb candy - .66, which did not make it to photo time.

Sprouts Market - $9.38

Total spent this week:  $26.69

Total spent for the month:  $131.18

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applesauce-cinnamon oatmeal, fresh fruit
hard boiled eggs, sliced cheese, V-8 juice
peanut butter toast, apples, cocoa
cereal, fruit, almond milk

leftovers when available
soups from the freezer
pbj, carrots and celery, oranges
cheese, crackers and apples

franks and beans over rice, sliced apples
Greek lemon chicken with potatoes, steamed broccoli, sautee'd zucchini
vegetable soup with ham, cheese and apples
cheese enchiladas, Mexican rice, green salad, pineapple sorbet
shepherd's pie, carrot and celery sticks, oranges
Superbowl:  homemade pizza, popcorn, carrot and celery sticks w/buffalo chicken dip, chips and salsa, apple cubes

graham crackers


Rhonda said...

You did good! That Sprouts candy is hard to resist. I try not to let my husband pull the handle because he gets way more than he should.

Do you like the rice milk or almond milk better? I have never tried either but thought the almond sounds best

Jennifer said...

$131 for the month??? Congratulations! That's incredible! :)
Your work with finding deals and preparing menus must have a significant impact on the family finances.

Laura said...

Rhonda, the almond milk is thicker and does have a light almond flavor to it. I like how it tastes, but I think I prefer the rice milk for something like cereal, because it's more neutral. We only have one kind open at a time, so we just make do with whatever is available. :)

Jennifer, our budget is $160 a month for food, toiletries and household stuff. It's not uncommon for us go spend around $90-$100 a month, and the rest is set aside for stocking up on deals like when meat goes on sale. Making the adjustment to some gluten free items has bumped up our expenses a we splurged on some higher-end meat. I'll do a final tally at the very end of the month, because I picked up some more produce and a few other things. :)

Bellen said...

Your grocery shopping is outstanding.
I'm still in awe at your produce prices. With price matching I got 2-16oz packages of fresh Florida strawberries for $5. and I live in Florida. My DIL bought them in CT for $1.99 each. Go figure.


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