Monday, January 20, 2014

Grocery Shopping and This Week's Menu Jan 20-26

First, here's the week in shopping:

$8.19 at Wal-Mart
 I had a coupon to get the applesauce squeezy packs for free.  I price matched the sour cream ($1).  The juice, tortillas, chips and parsley were $2.47, $2.98, $1 and .74, respectively.    Total - $8.19

Minus the soda (explanation below), the total for both of the above photos was $13.64.

Safeway sent me another $5 off $20 purchase coupon, and then there were some really good prices for chips, which is why there's a photo full of them.  They sent me a Just-4-U price of $2.14 per bag, which I loaded to my card.  They were also buy one, get one free with club card, so the chips were $1.07 per bag.  The Muenster cheese and the turkey were $5 a pound ($5.30 and $3.75, respectively).  The corn pasta was on sale for $1.49 and the gluten free penne was on clearance for $1.54.  This didn't total $20, but I wanted soda.  Coke was $5 for 4 two-liters, so I got those, and paid for them with my allowance money.  (I am the main soda drinker here, and I refuse to use grocery $$ to pay for it.)  I was happy to use the sodas to put the total over $20, because that took the extra $5 off making the total for everything but the sodas $13.64.

If you look at last week's purchases, you'll see a lot of produce.  We've eaten a lot of it, but we still have a lot left, so we didn't buy any more produce.  We need to use what we have on hand.

Total spent this week:  $21.83
Total spent this month:  $108.57

Then...the gallon of milk that was supposed to be good through the 22nd curdled and got stinky on the 18th.  This has happened a couple of times with milk from that particular store, but not from I don't think it's my fridge.  I returned the milk, and they refunded me $3.08.  I told the cashier I had likely price-matched it for around $2, but she said that without a receipt, she couldn't really make it a different price, and not to worry about it.  This morning when we needed milk we got some shelf-stable rice milk from our pantry and used it (gotten free w/coupons a while back), and we'll continue to use it the rest of the week.

Adjusted spending for the month:  $105.49

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last week:  pork shoulder in the crock pot with Hawaiian alaea salt

that night at dinner:  kalua pork, rice, kimchee, Saigon bok choy saute', bean sprout salad, nori and sliced oranges

Menu for This Week

cereal, fruit, milk
cinnamon rolls, applesauce, milk
peanut butter toast, fresh fruit, cocoa
eggs with meat, potatoes, cheese, etc, fruit

generally, leftovers from previous day's supper, unless there aren't any
frozen soups from the freezer
PBJ, carrots and celery, apples or oranges
cheese and crackers, raw vegetables, fresh fruit

home-made kimchee (yummy-yum!)
pasta w/meat sauce
green beans
canned pears in juice

grilled chicken salad
fruit salad w/pecans

king ranch chicken
sweet corn
salsa w/chips

marinated grilled turkey
rice and kimchee
cabbage/carrot/onion stir-fry


dinner out

taco salads

Well, that's the plan.  The king ranch chicken is a new recipe for us, and I'm eager to give it a try.  How is your planning going?   Leave a comment and let me know what you're cooking this week!


Bellen said...

At our Walmart price matching is only on exact products so I would not be able to price match GV Sour Cream as it is the Walmart brand. Wish I could because I'm pricing matching lots of things, especially the BOGO deals from Publix.

Laura said...

Here is Wal-Mart's official price/ad match policy:

What Bellen said follows policy, but the store here has always matched store brand to store brand, so if a supermarket store brand is on sale, I can get the Great Value brand for that price. This really helps me when there is a store that has 2 things I want and driving 12 miles each way just isn't worth it. Just wanted to clarify! :)

momma-lana said...

I think we are winging it this week depending on what sounds good and this is dangerous but we will manage. We have lots of frozen meals in the freezer and that may be my go to along with big salads. We may do a few lunches or breakfasts out just for getting ourselves out of the house a bit in a non-tiring way.

Laura said...

I think you'll do just great, Momma Lana! You two take it easy and make the best of it - continued prayers!


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