Monday, January 6, 2014

Groceries and Menu - Jan. 6-12

I started a menu on January 1, but I don't think I want my menus to run from Wednesday to Tuesday, so I'm going to re-set by repeating the menu items we haven't had yet, along with the new ones to complete a Monday through Sunday menu.  Sorry for the confusion - I'll stick with that pattern from now on, OK?

Last week, one of our suppers was homemade chili with toppings - broken tortilla chips,
a little homemade salsa, sour cream, shredded cheddar and a green onion.  We rounded
out the meal with sliced oranges - yum!

But first, a few grocery purchases since last time.  My last posting showed a lot of produce and little else - this week's post steps over to 'the snacky side', hee hee.

King Sooper - Two bags of store-brand restaurant style tortilla chips.  I had a coupon for .40 off one bag, so the total for both bags was $1.61.  No photo...sorry...but I think you get the idea. :)  They had 'cutie' oranges out as free samples - I got one and Daughter got one.

WalMart - There are some interesting things on markdown from time to time - this time I got seasoned sun-dried tomatoes in oil for .50 per jar.  There were a lot - I picked up two jars.  I've never really used them, but I see lots of recipes that call for them.  I'll enjoy trying them out.  I also got chips for Husband's lunch, ketchup, and the peanut butter cups (in the candy cane).  They were on markdown and cost less than a single serving, plus we can easily share them.  Also tampons - these little 8-packs are .88 each, so I get them if there aren't any sales or better deals.  (there were not)  Total at Walmart - $4.40.

Total at WalMart - $4.40

Total spent this month (so far):  $19.94
Keep in mind, I have a well-stocked pantry and freezer I am working from.  If you follow this series for a while, you'll see a day when I buy a crazy amount of meat or poultry - far more than we could eat that week - or an abnormal amount of cereal or oats or something.  That will be some good sale and me re-stocking.  :)  To see what else we bought and ate this month, check this link:

Groceries and Menu - First Week of January


eggs or omelets with toast, pineapple
peanut butter toast, frozen fruit smoothies
cottage cheese on toast (with black pepper - yum!), oranges
oatmeal with applesauce, milk
muffins (if I make some), applesauce

leftovers from suppers when available
big green salads with vegetables, cheese, croutons & dressing
peanut butter, celery, apples and wheat-thins

beef tacos, Mexican rice, frijoles w/cheese, guacamole, oranges
minestrone, focaccia, cheese and apples
oven chicken strips, potato wedges, broccoli, pineapple sorbet
barbecue beef on buns, coleslaw, pineapple
ham fried rice with vegetables, mandarin oranges
chicken parmesan w/pasta and sauce, mixed vegetables w/herbs, peach cobbler
planned dinner out

muffins (if I make some)
warm cinnamon applesauce
frozen fruit smoothies
carrots and celery

That is our plan.  I am working during supper time one night, and I'm teaching a class right after supper another night (The class is Dinner on the Table for Pennies on the Dollar - yay!), so those night will likely be the minestrone and the barbecue beef, though the fried rice could work for one of those nights as well.  I usually spend some time on Monday doing whatever I can to prep for the next few days, so I'll likely make the minestrone that day, and I can make the focaccia, the taco meat, and prep vegetables for Monday through Wednesday, at least. 

I hope you have a great week with good sales and tasty menus!

-Laura at TenThingsFarm


Sheila said...

I love sun-dried tomatoes, and I can't even think of an actual recipe I use them in. My favorites are on pizza, in a sandwich (really takes sandwiches up a level, I think) or in a quesadilla. I eat a lot of quesadilla for lunches, because they are so quick/easy/cheap/GOOD. :) I honestly just finished eating quesadillas that I made using some of the bean dip from the bean dip recipe you linked to a while back. I made it this weekend, and we had some left, so I added it to some tortillas and jack cheese left over from another meal that need to be used up. Yummy! :) I just bought a few items this last week. We have a lot on hand, and a week without much grocery spending was nice after spending so much money travelling for Christmas. Romaine lettuce was a price-match for $.99 and I bought some pretty inexpensive Chinese dressing, and we have been enjoying salads with that and some mandarin oranges I got marked down at Sam's. I just saw Brandy's post, where she mentioned using items past their expiration. These oranges are 'expired' by a few weeks (they were close to expiration when I got them, that's why they were marked down), but were sealed and are just fine. I will try to make sure we use them fairly soon, but I pay more attention to look and smell than I do to a specific date stamped on the package. I have 2 pounds of beans cooking right now. I will freeze them in meal-sized packages. Bummer is my large crock pot cracked, so I had to throw it away. I was soaking the beans and found water on the counter and the crock had a hairline fracture and water was seeping out of it. I am really bummed about that and do plan to replace it, because I use it a lot. If anyone has a 6 quart crock they like, I would love to hear about it!

Jennifer said...

Beautiful pic of the chili, Laura. So colorful; it's making me hungry!
I completely fell off the budgeting/couponing wagon around the holidays and have yet to get back on. We just finished up the last of Christmas yesterday (yes, Jan 5!) with my sister's family and I'm drained. I stuck to my budget for gift giving but I've been shopping wherever and whenever it's convenient for groceries with no regard for the budget. Maybe a little later this week I'll attempt to look at the finances like I usually do at the beginning of the new year.
So kudos to you for sticking with it and being such an inspiration!

Terri Cheney said...

Sounds good...Can't help but ask, have you ever tried extending your chili by serving over yellow rice? I used to do that when we had to stretch hard and it also toned down the spiciness for the children. I still like to add rice to my bowl...

The Moxley Family said...

Price matching is awesome.

Mari said...

Sheila, my large crockpot came from a thrift store, so make sure you check then out before buying a new one.

Jennifer, based on Brandy already having 87 comments on this week's frugal accomplishments, I think lots of us fell off the wagon and are climbing back on. I need to add a December madness/foolishness category to my budget, maybe $3 a week in an envelope, just so I don't pull money from other places but can deal with the craziness of the month without guilt when I buy an extra stocking stuffer, a quick fast food meal, etc.

Laura said...

Actually, Terri, we almost always have chili over rice - usually plain white rice or brown rice. My husband and daughter had it that way the night I took this pic, but I was wanting something different. :)

Laura said...

Jennifer, I know what you mean. I've stuck to budgeting and all OK, but I've been sick, then I hurt my hip...I've been less than dedicated with walking and drinking enough water. I sometimes feel like if it isn't one thing, it's another, but really I think we just have to do what we can and it all works out alright in the end. :)

Laura said...

Sheila, I have heard that if you call the manufacturer, there are situations where they will send out a new crock - it might be worth a try. Another option is to check thrift stores to find the insert that's the correct size and shape. I hope you can find one! I haven't opened the jars of tomatoes yet, but hopefully soon! Quesedillas are often a lunch item here too - with 'whatever I can find' tucked into them. ;)

Sheila said...

I'm off on Friday, so I was planning to check the thrift store for a crock pot, but it seems like if I'm ever actively looking for something, it won't be there. :) I did get a bread machine for $7.50 - almost new and exactly the same as I had myself purchased new. I occasionally wanted two, so for $7.50 snatched it up. However, this size crock pot is something I use a LOT, so if I have to buy new, I will. However, the one I like best is the one a boyfriend gave me in college, so very OLD now :), but is still working great. So maybe I can find a really old one at the thrift store! Ha!

Sheila said...

Okay, Laura, I'm not so sure I should have taken your advice. I went to one thrift store and bought brand-new looking rice cooker (no crock pot purchased). I went to the next thrift store and brand-new looking ice cream maker - one of the ones where you freeze the container and then make it without ice or rock salt needed (they didn't even have any crock pots). THEN, I drove myself home. LOL! I have wanted both these things, but would never have paid full price. So I'm very excited to get these two items on 50% off days at the thrift store using my 'allowance'. :)


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