Monday, January 13, 2014

Groceries and Menu Plan - Jan 13 - 19

One of my favorite 'tricks' is to buy a sale item - especially a produce or quickly perishable item - at the beginning of the sale week and again at the end of the sale.  That's what happened this week with pineapple.  They were $1 each at King Sooper, so we bought one on Wednesday, ate it up, and then the following Tuesday (last day of sale) I picked up one that is a day or two from ripe.  That way we aren't eating pineapple for days and days and days in a row, but we get a good amount of fresh pineapple, which we love!  Other items - jumbo navel oranges were .50 per pound, milk was 1.69 a gallon and potatoes were 1.49 for a 10 pound bag - all three of those were at Albertson's.  I picked up twenty pounds of the potatoes because here, that is a really good price, and this time of year they will keep well in our cool basement. 

fresh pineapple and milk - $2.69

four (very) jumbo oranges, $1.38

20 pounds Idaho potatoes, $2.98
Asian Pacific Market - $22.41

At the Asian market I picked up bean sprouts (.68), Shanghai bok choy (.58), a very large Napa cabbage ($3.42), 15 pounds Calrose rice ($11.99), Tamari ($3.99) and my "something new to try" was a 23 oz. bottle of fish sauce ($1.75).

Safeway - $16.36
 Safeway had some Just-For-U offers that worked well for us this week - $1.49/lb for pork shoulder (that one is just over 10 lb.), $1.79 for Celestial seasonings teas and .99/lb for the apples.  In addition, I had 75 cent coupons for the tea, which doubled up to $1 off - so the tea was only .79 per box!  ALSO, I was offered a bonus $5 off a $20 purchase.  So after the loyalty card, coupons, sale prices and the $5 off, the total went from $37.91 to $16.36 - 57% savings.

Wal-Mart - $10.89

At Walmart we did a bit of price matching and picked up a few items for the coming week, possibly longer.  We picked up carrots (2lb, 2 bags, .99 each), 2 cans tuna (.59 each), cheetos and fritos, three total ($1.77 each), potato chips (.98) and iceberg lettuce ($1.38).  Husband paid for the peanut butter cups ($1.50) but we included them...just because.  :)

We had some reward points at Kmart that were going to expire.  Husband picked up two jars of Jif peanut butter, used the points and spent an additional nine cents.

We spent $10 of our grocery money to purchase a local 'deal of the day' for $20 worth of meat at a local butcher shop.  That's not something we ordinarily do, but we have plenty of grocery money on hand and we wanted to give this place a try.  When I pick up the meat, I'll share a photo.  Meanwhile, here's a link, if you're local to me and want to take advantage of this deal  - just click here.

Total spent this week:  $66.80 (that's counting the $20 worth of meat for $10 that I didn't get yet)
Total spent this month:  $86.74
Previous Purchases This Month - Week 1 and Week 2

Meanwhile, my friend gifted me with a really large container of especially lovely mushrooms.  I adore mushrooms, and so I've been slicing and incorporating them into my lunches, and even into some of my breakfasts.  My family doesn't care for them, so I will slice, season and cook the rest, then eat them through the week.  Thank you, Kelly!

I've been making mushroom tacos with these - so yummy!

Enough shopping already - what are we gonna eat??

homemade fried rice from last week


eggs, omelets, etc w/sausage, rice or quinoa
cereal, fruit, milk
bagel and cream cheese, fresh fruit
peanut butter toast, oranges, cocoa

lunches are often leftovers from previous suppers - Husband takes a 'supper meal' along with snacks (nuts, fruit, chips, etc.)
pbj, carrot sticks, oranges
snack-y lunch

won bok (napa cabbage) in salted water for kimchee

Suppers (not in order)
nachos, frozen fruit smoothies
grilled chicken salads, fruit salad
grilled steak, baked potatoes, green salad, oranges
herb roasted chicken with winter vegetables, green beans, oranges
kahlua pork, rice, kim chee, bean sprout salad, vegetable stir fry, pineapple
taco salads, pineapple
panfried ham w/home-canned ham glaze, quinoa, broccoli, apples

trail mix - nuts and dried fruit
homemade pudding
fresh fruit
frozen smoothies
peanut butter and crackers
fritos and homemade bean dip
baguette toast and hummus


Jennifer said...

Great price on pineapple! I'll have to keep an eye out for it here in Oregon. And that's a good tip about going at the beginning and end of sales for produce. The bok choy also looks especially delicious. If you've never used fish sauce before, it's best to follow a recipe or go easy with it at first since it's such a concentrated flavor.
Can I just say, "thank you" for being honest with the junk food? As much as I wish I could be satisfied with homemade saltines, it just ain't gonna happen! :) When you eat such produce-rich meals and you find good sales, I think junk food is a perfectly acceptable treat.
Something else I've been thinking about are foods that I consider a serving, like an apple or an orange. Like you, I just picked up huge oranges and was thinking about the price per orange. It made me realize I could change my perception of a "serving" of such large produce from one whole fruit to a fraction of a piece of fruit and get more bang for my buck.

Laura said...

That's something I should have mentioned, Jennifer. When we have 'oranges' or 'apples' for supper, I slice one up and put it on a plate. If it disappears and there are requests for more, I slice another. That way we aren't wasting a bunch, and it works to buy the really big fruit if it's the best deal. Also, with oranges, I try to 'feel' for the ones with a thinner skin - these four seem to have that quality. I don't really want to find out that the pith is a quarter inch thick all the way around. :)

I like potato chips. And coca cola. There. I said it. :)

Bellen said...

Cooked mushrooms freeze really well. I package them in 1/4 - 12 cup sizes by wrapping in waxed paper and then putting them all in a ziplock bag.

Dawn said...

Yes--cooked mushrooms freeze well and can be added to many soups etc. Found your blog from The Prudent Homemaker. Thanks for sharing all your tips!


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