Saturday, January 11, 2014

Frugal Accomplishments

I made up some home-made glass and window cleaner that I found here.  I am really happy with the performance.  I posted about my version here.  The link to my version also talks about other uses for this cleaner too.

I attended a local crochet/knit/needlework group.  It's free to attend, and the fellowship and idea sharing is a lot of fun.  Since the group meets at our local library, it's also a great opportunity to stock up on books and media for free!

I received my first free issue of Family Circle this week - I was offered (and accepted) a free subscription.

I gave Husband a haircut, and also trimmed my bangs.

One of my friends gave me a yarn ball winder - it's really cool!  She had two and prefers the other one for some of the yarns she uses, but I am going to keep this one busy, winding up all the odds and ends that have been given to me that need to be neatened up.  Thank you, Kelly!

We used some of our Jr. Frosty coupons to get a free treat when we were in town.  Back at Halloween, you could buy booklets of 10 coupons - $1 donation for all ten.  We have been enjoying them as an occasional treat.

I purchased some used (but like-new) books at the friends book sale - a Lego idea book for daughter and an Indian cookbook.  It was 1.50 for both books.  If daughter had not been with me I might have saved the Lego book for a gift opportunity, but that didn't work out...but it's all good.

I watched some videos on youtube and learned a new crochet stitch - Tunisian knit.  I'm still working to get it even and nice, but I have the stitch down. 

I was sharing some fabric with a friend of mine - we were cutting it into strips for a project.  When all the strips were done, there was a pile of scraps - all too small to do anything quilty with, really.  I laid all the strips out in a 'stack' and then tied them in one big knot to make a cat toy for Tallulah.  It has lots of ends and straggly bits, but she's not quite sure about it yet.  I may need to put it in a baggie with a little bit of catnip, just to convince her.  We tied on a length of yarn so we can toss and drag it for her.  Still, she's watching, but yet to pounce.

We made a lot of foods from scratch - pizza, focaccia, fried rice, Mexican rice, salads, chicken strips, chicken parmesan, minestrone, Italian dressing and more.  I used little scraps of things, including the 'end' of a ham, broccoli stems and half a mushroom in stir-fry.  Even the 'waste' peels and such were fed to our hens, so there was no kitchen waste.

Laundry was washed with homemade laundry soap and hung on drying racks to dry.

I combined errands whenever I could to save on time, trips and fuel.  Sometimes it means waiting a day for something.  We are OK with that.

I got some new-to-me clothes at Goodwill.  Between those items and the items that were recently given to me, I have items that work well together and are interchangeable, but for not much money.

Did you have a good week?  What did you do to save more and spend less?  Leave a comment, pretty please!

-Laura at TenThingsFarm


christine said...

I really enjoyed crocheting and knitting with my church group. However, the organizer of the group moved and we stopped meeting. I have missed it. I didn't think about checking at the library to see if a group meets there. Thanks for the tip. I will check. I also enjoy getting free patterns from the internet. I used to buy these, but now I can usually find what I need on there. I really need to work on using up all the odds and ends in the fridge that normally get tossed. I enjoy reading your blog and all your useful ideas. Have a great week.

Laura said...

I really struggle with reading patterns, but I'm trying hard to learn. I made some little flowers (that were on the hats I posted pictures of last week), and those were from a pattern, but that's about it for me so far! Thank you for your kind words, Christine.

April said...

I struggle with patterns also...I usually have my mil show me a stitch and I pick it right up!

Here's mine:

Terri Cheney said...

Mine are here:

momma-lana said...

I recently saw this idea for using little bits of fabric that you might enjoy another time.

Jennifer said...

I’ve been battling a cold this week that I swear seems to be getting worse. I’ve been frugal only because I feel cruddy and have stayed home as much as possible. Last night I finally took some cold medicine that I had in my personal stash. I have to say it was pretty nice having that shelf in my closet organized. I knew exactly where to look and was pleasantly surprised that I had a combo pack of Dayquil/Nyquil.

I’m slowly getting back into the spirit of budgeting this week. Yesterday I listed all the items in my pantry and their quantities. I then went to to search for meals by ingredient. I found a few promising recipes that were rated well and required only the ingredients I had on hand. I plan on completing this list by taking inventory of my freezer too. Sometimes I’m so focused on stockpiling that I forget to just relax and cook from the stockpile.

Went out this morning to pick up some sale items at Fred Meyer while running errands. Got two Brawny paper towel rolls for free; Dannon Oikos yogurt for free; 8oz mozzarella for $1.50; oranges for 49 cents/lb. Went to Petco because the cats were out of food this morning and were being dramatic about it. When I walked in there were two carts of Christmas items marked at 75% off. I picked up a dog toy for Christmas next year for $2.48 and purchased cat food, using a $5 off coupon that I had printed out. Kept an eye on gas prices as I was doing my shopping and filled the tank on the way home at Safeway for 10 cents/gal cheaper than the other stations in the area.

I hope everyone has a good, frugal week!

Jason and Michelle said...

I bought lunch from home to work I carpooled 2 days, and having been working on gifts for next Christmas. My goal this week is to get up early to catch the train to work ( it's a goal- I have to get up 40 minutes earlier than if I drive).


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