Thursday, January 9, 2014

Easy Homemade Window Cleaner that Works!

We were out of window cleaner, and my previous homemade window cleaner was a bit on the streaky side, so I went a-searching for a new, better recipe.  I was happy to find one that not only works better but is made of ingredients I had on hand. 

Yes, it's cloudy once you shake it, but it gets glass c-l-e-a-n-!

If you want to make some you will need:

-an empty spray bottle
-rubbing alcohol, 1/4 cup (mine was wintergreen, and it worked just fine)
-vinegar, 1/4 cup
-corn starch, 1 Tablespoon
-water, 2 cups

-a funnel
-a measuring cup

How to make it:

Measure all of the ingredients into your clean, empty spray bottle.  Give the bottle a shake.  Label it for the sake of safety and forgetfulness.  You are done!  To use your homemade window cleaner, give it a little shake to re-distribute the corn starch (it settles out), and spray, wipe and polish.  That's it!  It's really cost effective and gets our windows and mirrors nice and clean.

Wait.  That makes it sound like I cleaned all our windows and mirrors.  I did clean our mirrors - all five of them - but just the inside of one window.  It's winter, and I'll get to the windows in warmer weather.  Or not.  I'm not making any guarantees.  Truth be told, I'm most eager to find out how it works on the car windows!

One thing I can tell you is that it does a great job on chrome faucets, too.  I think the vinegar helps dissolve any minerals that might try to build up, because the faucets looks really great after a spritz, wait and wipe.  If you try it, I hope you like it!  Let me know!

Another thing we make around here:
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-Laura at TenThingsFarm


Jennifer said...

I grew up using Windex, but now for some reason I can't tolerate the smell. I'm fine with using ammonia to clean floors but there's something about Windex-type cleaners that just linger in the air. Gag! The last product I bought was the Method glass and surface cleaner in mint. And even though it smells heavenly, I can't say that it does a great job. It's a bit streaky on mirrors and glass.
You're right Laura. The true test is car windshields when you drive into the sun! I'll have to give your recipe a try after I run out of the Method or the next time I get ambitious and clean the car.

Cathy said...

I drive all the time going to and from work and to and from one house or the other. That being said, I will wait to hear how it works on car windows. However, I'm pretty sure once what I have on hand is gone, I will be giving this a try.

Tonight I was finally sick and tired of the bathroom ceiling being sort of dingy. I put a Swiffer pad (sometimes I use paper towels) on the Swiffer and sprayed it with some vinegar cleaner. Then I wiped down the ceiling and it got very nice and clean!

As always, I thought about it much longer then it took to actually get the job done. I have to stop procrastinating!


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