Our Home

Home is where I love to be.  We live on 5 acres in a semi-rural area.  In many ways, it's the best of both worlds - it's quieter, we have space, and it's rather peaceful, yet our neighbors are not so far away and we are not so far from town.

We are on the high prairie - lots of grass, lots of wind, lots of sunshine.  Little rain. 

When we first moved here, there was a mobile home on the property, a horse barn, a shed.  We lived in the mobile home for eight years, cleaning things up, figuring things out.  We planted trees and shrubs, mulching and watering and caring for them.  We tilled and composted (or at least tried to) and planted gardens.  We put in a fruit orchard, bee hives, a flock of chickens and more. 

We learned what works here and what does not.  We learned what we are capable of on this little piece of land.  We figured out what we really wanted, and how we wanted to spend our days.

Then, when it was time, we built a house of our own.  We certainly didn't do it all, but we did quite a lot of it.  Framing, sheathing, siding, doors and windows, other things as well.  Angels - in many forms - helped us....so did sub-contractors and building inspectors and all of Larry Haun's videos, which we borrowed time and again from the library.  We learned a great deal, and to this day, I adore our sweet, cozy home.  Wherever I go in this world, it will always be a part of me.

Not to be too terribly girly, but I have so, so enjoyed turning it from a house to a home.  We did it together. 

My husband chose most of the colors for walls - many of them far more daring than I might have chosen - and they work beautifully with the things that have come our way.  He chose the kitchen cabinets too, which I find funny simply because I'm in the kitchen so much.  I love them!  We found the perfect little stove for the living room, which provides us with both warmth and atmosphere. 

We didn't 'decorate' all at once, but over time.  Many...actually, most...of the things came to use used, about to be thrown out in some cases.  We have found things at Goodwill, at yard sales, on craigslist, freecycle, and from friends. 

Once in a while, we bought something new.  Some things are from family, others we've created, and all of it comes together and gives visitors an idea of who we are and what is important to us. 

Just this past summer, we put our construction skills to work yet again and built a garage.  It has a workshop for my sweet husband's projects, and I must confess, it's quite nice to go out on an icy morning and not have to scrape car windows.  Once the drywall is hung and taped, we will be able to put together a proper workshop.  That will clear space in the horse barn and allow us some new and different animal adventures. 

I don't know if we will ever feel like this place is anything but a work in progress.  Fifteen years on this property and there is still much to do.  Eight years in this house and I still have not painted the interior trim around the front door.  I truly doubt we will ever step back and say we are done, but then, life is a process, and home is where much of life happens.

Be blessed, wherever you may be,
-Laura at TenThingsFarm

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Marie at Rural Living Today said...

Just discovered your blog via the Friday Farm Girl Fest. Love your story and your home! Reminds me a bit of our home on the Colorado prairie several years ago. Looking forward to hearing more about your life on the farm!


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