Monday, February 24, 2014

Menu for the Week

Planning a menu helps me at least three different ways.  It helps me use what I have on hand so that we don't waste food.  It helps me provide better balance through the course of the week (a soup day, something Asian, something Italian, something Mexican, etc.).  Finally, it keeps me from having to figure out supper every. single. day.  Love me some meal planning!  Here's this week's plan, which started Sunday:

eggs, cheese & salsa with toast or corn tortillas
peanut butter toast, apples, cocoa
cereal, almond milk, fruit
oatmeal with raisins and pears, almond milk

macaroni and cheese, carrot and celery sticks, apples
pbj on oatmeal yeast bread, carrots and celery, fruit
leftovers from suppers

It's true - I'll put most anything in a corn tortilla and call it a taco.  Yay for leftovers!

rotisserie chicken, potato salad, green beans, peach crisp
kalua pork, rice, sesame spinach, kimchee
taco salads
chicken-vegetable soup, sliced cheese, apples
Italian sausage, pasta with sauce, zucchini and onion saute'
beef stew curry over rice, jello

ants on a log (celery, peanut butter and raisins)
chips and salsa
cereal-dry fruit mix
peach crisp

What's on the menu at your place this week?


momma-lana said...

Sounds delicious! Your taco picture makes me hungry for tacos!

We have spaghetti on the menu today and ribs from the crockpot tomorrow. Wednesday is baked tilapia. Thursday is black eyed peas and rice which I finally figured out how to make for 2! It is a very frugal meal as I only use 2/3 cup of dry peas. On Friday I think I will make some sort of soup or tacos. Saturday at our house is always pizza night.

Rhonda said...

I need to plan menus as we will have house guests starting Thursday. But the next 2 nights will be easy- leftovers from the weekend :)


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