Wednesday, February 26, 2014


'Connect' is my word for the year.  It's a touchstone of sorts, when I am trying to set goals, decide what to do or how to spend my time.  It's been a good word so far.

I started this book last year and lost momentum around the holidays.  I've decided to re-start it and complete it this time.  If you want to feel more connected with God, I would suggest this book - it is amazing.

I've also got this one that I think will help me with practical, down-to-earth ideas about how to connect with others in a healthy, positive way.

It has been good for me to think about what it means to connect.  I've been more honest with friends and it's made it a lot easier to say no to things that would take time away from what's important for me and for my family.

I've paid better attention to how I feel as well.  It has led me to walk more regularly and drink more water.  I'm making food choices that are a little better, and I've lost a few pounds.

To be honest, I've cried a lot.  That is starting to let up now.  I feel braver, more sure of what matters, and less uncertain.  I also feel like I'm just getting started!

Yes.  Connect is a good word for me right now.  What is keeping you busy these days?

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momma-lana said...

A friend of mine recommended the 'Boundaries' book for our youngest daughter awhile back. Of course, I could not get her to read it. But she needs to. My friend said it was life changing for her as she used to let people walk all over her.

My word is 'Kindness'. I haven't felt very kind lately so I need to keep it in mind. I don't think I have actually been unkind but as long as I feel unkind in my heart and mind then I am not being kind.


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