Saturday, January 4, 2014

Frugal Accomplishments

The purpose of posting these is not to brag or boast, but to share ideas and inspire one another.  I hope you find something here that sparks an idea that helps you spend less or save more!

I am helping with an adult program at our church called MONEY MATTER$.  To help those of you who are looking for information about saving on groceries, you may also want to take a look at the Grocery Shopping and Menu Plan post. 

More on this at the link above.

Here are some things we did to live frugally this week...with an item or two from the week before, when I didn't do a Frugal Accomplishments post:

I signed up on a facebook promotion for some free applesauce squeeze packs - they will make nice on-the-go snacks for Daughter.

We borrowed books, media and a book on CD from the library, free of charge.

We used firewood (which we get for free) and our wood stove to heat our home so that our furnace rarely kicked on.  In conjunction with heating with wood, we swept the chimney to keep everything functioning properly.  It's a dirty job, but not a difficult one.  (but really, really dirty!)

Husband cut up some more wood so we can use it over the next couple months.

I made some hats using the knitting loom and yarn that I had in only small amounts.  I gave them to friends.

I accepted some hand-me-over clothing from a friend.  Several items fit me and there were some I was able to give to another friend who is a different size.  The rest were taken to a thrift store. 

I completed a couple of surveys and earned $6.

It's a short list this week, but I'm still recovering from the holidays.  How are you doing with frugality?  What have you done to save?  Leave a comment so we can learn from you! :)

-Laura at TenThingsFarm


Terri Cheney said...

Nice to have friends who are willing to share their extra items!

momma-lana said...

Cute hats! I am sure you have been a blessing :)

I did not shop for any Christmas items at 50% off. This is a weakness for me so I stayed away from the stores because we needed nothing. We did stop by Target today after church and I picked up ornaments for stocking stuffers for 90% off. Also an OXO fat separator or 70% off. My old one has cracked and leaks.

I did not grocery shop last week because we needed to use up what we had. This saved money because we did not waste what was at home.

We had planned a breakfast out with friends for Saturday morning and then I realized that more leftover holiday foods needs to be eaten so we asked them to come here. We had cinnamon rolls and a breakfast casserole that was left in the freezer.

I was able to send my daughter home with groceries and paper goods bought for next to nothing this week. Her husband has changed jobs and has a lag in paychecks. I did not want them to have to take money from savings for those items. Part of saving money for us is being able to share with others.

I portioned out and froze everything that I could of food that we could not eat quickly enough. Easy meals for later.

I have been doing research online for help in using my new bread machine. Today I made a pretty decent looking loaf. We will see about the texture once I cut it. I had seen a bread machine cookbook referenced a number of times for my machine so I went to Amazon and ordered a used copy. I did figure out pizza dough and made an awesome pizza last night.

I earned a $5 Amazon gift card on Swagbucks. We often run videos and other bucks earning activities while we watch a movie in the evening. You don't have to actually watch but just babysit it.

Hubby used an offer from Swagbucks to purchase 6 bottles of wine from Naked Wines for $11.64 shipped. These make great gifts and cooking wine for the bottles we would not care to drink. We are not fans of Chardonnay so we sent that bottle next door with Christmas goodies. The next day some goodies and a different bottle of Chardonnay come beck from their house! What a hoot.

Have a good week everyone and stay warm!

Laura said...

Terri, I completely agree - we have been blessed by people who are willing to share, so we try to pass it on too. :)

Lana, you've been one busy lady! It's good to hear all the ways you make things work for you!


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