Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Choffy/Brewing Chocolate Grounds

Hi, Y'all!  I'm sorry it has taken me this long to answer this - we are preparing for a family visit, plus we've had a lot of wildfires locally, which have thrown us all for a bit of a loop.

Cathy had asked about how I used the grounds.  You can use the grounds after a brewing (or even two) in smoothies, brownies, etc.  When I added the grounds to brownies I just added them in addition to everything else in the brownie I still used the cocoa that was called for.  The grounds lend a dense chocolate flavor and a nutty texture.  We liked the brownies very much!

I haven't used them in a smoothie yet - I think they would be good in a banana smoothie.

Homemade 'Stuff on Hand' Energy Bites
The other way I used the grounds was in some energy bites.  I took some plumped prunes, the grounds, a bit of cocoa and almond meal, and then rolled the bites in almond meal too (because they were a little sticky).  Again, great depth of flavor and texture. 

I'm sure there are more ways to use them.  It has been hot here of late and I haven't brewed any chocolate lately.  When I do, I definitely save the grounds for other uses.  I think they'd be really great in something like scones, so that will likely be my next effort.

I hope that helps!

-Laura at TenThingsFarm

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