Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Peek at Our Week - The Past 7 Days

We had some cold, snowy weather, so we had more indoor time. Daughter and I painted pictures one morning.

We played card games, watched a movie and played with the cat, along with doing our household chores and school work. We also played in the snow using the snow markers she got for Christmas.

We watched Aladdin on Friday night for our family movie.  I really enjoy the music from this movie, and Daughter thought Abu was really cute. 

We attended a Lego Mania program at the library.  This is a brilliant program, I must say.  The Children's Specialist has gathered lots of donated legos.  She puts them out on tables and the children are free to create anything they wish.  When their creation is complete, it goes on display in the library until the next Lego Mania program.  The kids really love the program, and it's neat to come back another day and see the display. 

For a brief moment, the kitchen was I took pictures.

My leg is much, much better, so I'm swimming more while Daughter has her swim lesson.  I'm also starting back on the treadmill.  I'm thankful for quick healing, and my eyes have been opened to just how painful sciatica can be.

We continue to get snow, which we are grateful for - the moisture is so good for our trees and fields. 

And the throw I'm crocheting is almost done!

One more thing, then I'll hush.  Something has happened to my thumb.  I am fine out in the garden, but when it comes to houseplants, I have a black thumb...until recently.  All my houseplants are thriving!

I pruned a few sprouts from my jade plant a few weeks ago, and all of them are rooting.  I've never had that level of success.

I was shocked to find this plant....blooming!  I'm really happy that my plants are doing so well.

What have you been busy with?  I'd love to hear - leave me a comment! :)


BW said...

Your kitchen is beautiful, I love the cabinets! You have inspired me to go clean mine :)The lego program sounds so neat, my kids would love that!

I just recently found your blog from reading "The Prudent Homemaker's". I love your weekly recap of frugal accomplishments! We have recently had to become drastically frugal as we are helping with a family member's medical expenses so I enjoy reading others frugal endeavors :)

Terri said...

First time commenting on your blog. I loved that you painted along with your daughter. I had my 18 month granddaughter paint for the first time today and she loved it. She helped me wash dishes after making homemade chicken soup and then we also played in the snow. I have never heard of snow markers. Would you be willing to share where you got them.

Laura said...

Hi, Terri,
My friend sent the snow markers at Christmas. I think they came from Walmart, but I'm not positive. They would be super easy to make. Save squirt bottles - from dish soap, pancake syrup, etc. Clean well, add water and food coloring. You 'squirt' the color close to the surface of the snow to draw, or far from the surface if you want a confetti like look. Hope that helps!

BW, I am constantly amazed at all the new ways we can all find to become just a little more frugal. If there is anything specific you want ideas for, I'd be happy to share anything I've learned!


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