Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Eucharisteo (verb) to be grateful, feel thankful, give thanks. The root word of eucharisteo is charis, meaning “grace”, while its derivative in Greek is chara, meaning “joy”. This one word, eucharisteo, encompasses a literary progression of giving thanks, finding grace, and experiencing joy.

59. the kindness of strangers

60. snow, drifted white and clean

61. vanilla

62. swimming on a snowy day

63. a warm, steaming bowl of stew

64. a husband who loves me unconditionally, right now

65.  books that children can't put down

66.  moonbeams on snow

I give thanks to God for all this and much more.  What are you thankful for this day?

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moreofhim said...

What beautiful blessings!! Thank you for sharing your blessings and linking up with my "Counting Our Blessings - Link Up!". I do this every Tuesday so I hope you'll share again. Love seeing how God is blessing others!

God bless you - Julie


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