Friday, January 13, 2012

Whoa, Nice Pair!


Pretty, no?

We just got them today - a hen an a tom - Royal Palm turkeys. I am very, very happy to have a breeding pair. Royal Palms are described online as good foragers, 'thrifty' (so I guess they clip coupons?) and good for the small homestead. They are a heritage breed, and as soon as the tom (we have not named them yet) gets comfy and shows off his plumage, I'll share some more pics!

I am still thinking about what to name them. DD and I were talking about it today. I think Laura and Almanzo would be cool names, but since my name is Laura, that would get kinda weird when I'm telling y'all 'Laura laid her first egg!' or 'Laura is broody!' So we're still thinking on that.

Got any name ideas for them? DD already told me that their childrens' names will be Nugget, Deliciousness, Thanksgiving, Dinner and Soup. That's my little farm girl!

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mentalutopia said...

I remember in the Little House shows Almanzo sometimes called Laura "Beth." Maybe you could name one Beth instead of Laura.

Carolyn Renee said...

I was JUST flipping through my McMurray catalog last night in bed and I said, "We gott'a get a few of them Royal Palms". They are beautiful.....good luck with yours. And glad to know your DD is already looking forward to hatching, I mean, eating day!

Dawn said...

Call her Beth. That's what Almanzo called Laura!!!

Lhia said...

I was also going to suggest Beth and Manley (those were their nicknames to each other)
SO good to see you


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