Thursday, January 26, 2012

What are you up to?

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We have had a fairly easygoing day today.  I fed all the critters this morning, and for the third morning in a row, our new tom turkey has shown off his plumage while I was feeding.  I'm glad he's feeling more comfortable here and like this is his home.  I'm introducing my dark brahma chicks to pellet feed so that I can move them out of the brooder soon.  They are fully feathered and decent size, but I need to get them transitioned a bit with the feed.  They are too big to house in the brooder with the silkie chicks...and the silkies are getting too big and messy for DD's bathtub, where they currently live in a box. 

DD requested pancakes for breakfast, so I made half a batch - just enough for the two of us.  It worked out well - I had some whole wheat flour milled that I was wanting to use, and now it's mostly gone.  We were expecting company so I tidied the house, hung a load of laundry and cleaned up the kitchen.  DD completed most of her school work before our friend stopped by and then finished the rest of her school work after visiting a while.  We are learning a little about space, the moon and stars and constellations, so right now we have the lite brite out - last night we used it to make Little Dipper.  Now we are doing one of the pictures, but we will use it for more constellations in the coming days.

My friend who came to visit is the third person of late to ask me for specifics about being more self-sufficient.  I am happy that more people are taking interest in developing skills that will help in good times and bad, and I'm glad that I have ideas and information to help them start that journey.  I've even been toying with the idea of offering some sort of class or club or study group or something, but with the chicken programs, I'm busy enough these days.  Perhaps that will happen in springtime.

It's a warm-ish day here, so we may go next door to visit the appaloosa, Sonata.  She is a friendly, gentle horse, and we have permission to walk over and spend a bit of time with her when we like.  DD has developed and interest in horses and this is a real treat for her.  If it's warm enough for a visit, I'll let the turkeys out to roam a bit too.  I let them out yesterday for the first time, and they cautiously explored near their pen.  Royal Palms are reputed in some cases to be good fliers, so I clipped one wing on each bird, just to be safe. 

Before we go horse-visiting, I have some books to list for sale on amazon.  We have been weeding our our library and putting some things for sale to recoup a little of the money spent for all those books.  Getting to a more manageable number of books is nice, and makes everything easier to find. 

Supper tonight is pigs in blankets, carrot raisin salad and...something else. I was going to make baked apples, but we are down to two fresh apples (we had a good many more than that when I was planning the menu).  I have canned apples and dried apples, but we also have some peach cobbler left, so we'll probably just have that at suppertime. 

I've been working on a felted purse, and hope to finish it this evening.  I've also got to gather some things for tomorrow - we have a school activity in town tomorrow and we'll do our errands while we're out.  I have eggs to deliver, sales to take advantage of and I've learned that gathering all I can the night before makes the morning run much more smoothly. 

That's my plan - what are you up to today?

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