Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Tuesday Tips - Use Less Aluminum Foil

I just don't like to throw away things, especially money. There are some applications where aluminum foil is a wonderful thing, but I realized recently that a lot of times, I am using it out of habit. Recently I've been trying to do without where I can, and here is what I have learned.

Often, a recipe will say to cover the food with foil for the first half of baking, then remove the foil to brown the dish. If the recipe in question does not come up above the top of the baking pan (lasagna, baked chicken, most casseroles), I have found that I can put a cookie sheet over the pan instead of foil. It works like a charm!

Do you wrap potatoes in foil before baking them? Instead, try putting them in a glass baking dish with a lid, a cast-iron skillet with a cover, or simply a deep dish that you can cover with a cookie sheet (see above). It works just fine, and the potatoes don't dry out at all. You could also make one of these and enjoy potatoes that are both fast and tasty.

If you're in the habit of putting foil or plastic wrap over the top of a bowl of leftovers, try setting a plate on top instead. This works really great with the Corelle dishes that we got when we got married. The small plate covers the soup bowls perfectly, and the luncheon plate will cover the vegetable serving bowl just right!

One place that aluminum foil is clearly worth using - to make celery last longer. I don't know how or why, but celery wrapped in aluminum foil will last for a scary long time. Just don't forget what's in that package!

I hope that helps you. If you have a kitchen or household tip to share, please leave a comment - and if your tip is on your blog, leave the link in your comment...thanks!

Pinching aluminum pennies,
-Laura at TenThingsFarm


Anonymous said...

Great ideas, Laura! I go through spurts of wanting ease and wanting to conserve. I'm definitely going to remember the idea about putting a plate on top of the leftover dish--that's a really easy one--and the one about covering with a cookie sheet. Thanks for sharing!

desert said...

great tips, i will definitly remember those
i'm all for saving money, and the environment

Laurie and Bill said...

Laura, I love your tips! They are great! I actually made the potatoes in the microwave wrapped in a 100% cotton towel. Worked like a charm, and my family loved how they came out.

The plate on top of food dishes in the fridge sounds so easy that I have to use that one. Also, I got to thinking the plate makes it stable enough to place another one on top of it, giving me more room on my refrigerator shelf.

Ten Things Farm said...

I'm glad to hear that a towel works for cooking the potatoes - yay! And you're absolutely right about stacking items when you use a plate as a lid - it works really well!

Anonymous said...

Sometimes I cover small dishes with a plastic lunch bag. Pressed directly onto the food.(unzippered)

I prefer wax paper.I fold 2x and tear off the corners and it will fit right on top the leftover....thenthe plate ;)

nice site!


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