Friday, February 25, 2011



These granny square slippers are on their way to my mama right now! They're felted, soft, and comfy. I'm so glad she likes them - this is her second pair!



(I tried them on, just to make sure they were nice and comfy.)

I am not the best crocheter...even granny squares are a bit of a challenge for I decided to copy the style of the granny square slippers using simpler, faster, single crochet.


I made one big square in place of four of the granny squares, then two that are the size of a single granny square...and I sewed them all together.



Once I got them from Tallulah, they ended up looking like this:



And once put flipflops in them, tied them in a pillowcase and washed them in hot hot soapy water in the washing machine, they came out like this:


I had just enough of the same yarn left for these, too!


I think I've got about 5 feet of the yarn left...that's cutting it close!

I'm working on a pair for Hubby now, in a variegated wool made of blues and browns. I'll post those when they are done too. As my friend Helen (Hi, Helen!) asked the other day, what have you got on your hook - or needles - these days? if it's posted somewhere, please leave a link! even though my skills are a bit on the low side, I love to see what others are making.

I heart wool,
-Laura at TenThingsFarm


Alla said...

I just found your blog and am joining to follow. I've made the granny square slippers but I really like you idea of the plain square. I'll have to try it.

Ten Things Farm said...

Why, thank you, Alla! I do think the granny ones are very cute, but the simpler ones are a lot faster for me. Plus, I wasn't sure about granny squares for men's slippers. Even in a single color, they seem a bit more feminine (or maybe that's just me).

I'm also considering a hybrid - one large (single crochet) square to replace the 4 squares that are on the bottom and sides, and 2 granny squares for the top and back piece. Most of the cuteness and speedy too!

Amy M said...

Those are cute. :) Especially on Kitten. ;)

Lhia said...

OH I could so do this....
...if I only had wool yarn. *sigh* all i have is acryllic and that does not felt. I like the three square method myself, i'm all about the quickness.
Perhaps I will look for some wool yarn on my next trip out.

Ten Things Farm said...

Thanks, Amy - everything looks good on her - she'd be fashionable in burlap!

Lhia, I've found out that JoAnns and Michaels will take one another's discount coupons. Check with your stores to see how many of what (here, JoAnns is much more accommodating and will take several if they are different percents off retail). Anyway, I take the coupons to whichever store doesn't have it on sale, because on sale the best I've seen is 20% off, but the coupons are 40-50% off. This works for me because I don't ever make anything very big - mostly just slippers - so I don't need a lot of a given dye lot.

I hope that makes sense!

Prairie Farmstead Ponderings said...

Cute slippers there, Dearie! I would have never guessed they were made from three squares.

As for gardening ~ it's so hard to think about that while the snow and ice are still falling from the sky. Heehee!

Hugs to you!

Ten Things Farm said...

I know what you mean, J. We woke yesterday to ice fog and light snow. It's 50 today and sunny. Mother Nature must be in a mood!

I didn't mention it in the post, because I didn't know yet, but these slippers are warm! I'm really enjoying them. :)

Hugs to you, Dearie!


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