Saturday, February 5, 2011

Are you thawing out yet?

Just about everyone I've spoken with this week has had something to say about this big winter storm, and in some parts of the country, the blizzard conditions. Here, we had frigid temperatures as low as -17, high was cold. The snow was just a dusting. To be honest, we were hoping for more, because we need the moisture. Things are beginning to warm a bit now, and life is returning to normal.

We had to put the ducks in with the hens a few nights, and we spent a fair amount of time thawing waterers and bringing in firewood by the basketful, but we were relatively cozy the entire time. We had plenty of food, water, blankets, batteries, etc. on hand, so we just enjoyed a few quiet days at home with one another.

How about you? How did you weather the weather? Are you still snowed in?


Prairie Farmstead Ponderings said...

Well, we *were* thawing out, but now it's raining ice pellets again and there's snow in the forecast for as far as we can see.

I'm relieved, though, to see that the temps won't be plummeting quite like that last system that blanketed the entire northern hemisphere! Heehee

I'll be glad to send you some of this snow.

Hugs to ya, Dearie!

desert said...

weather hit nm pretty bad, and being the desert of course nobody was prepared. our part of the country just isnt made for below freezing temperatures for more than one night at a time. town was out of gas for a while, waterpipes froze everywhere, it was a mess.
my well is frozen too, so i haven't had water for a couple of days, but plenty of snow to melt on the stove..hahahah.
its supposed to warm up today so please keep your fingers crossed, i kinda like running water

Anonymous said...

We're in Cali, so honestly, we've been so blessed weather-wise. I do really feel for those who are snowed in, especially since many lost internet! LOL But seriously, I have to say that I'm so happy NOT to have to deal with snow. :)

Ten Things Farm said...

Hubby was telling me tonight that they are expecting -10 for us early in the coming week, so I guess we're not done either! Thank you for the offer of snow, J! I'd love some.

Desert, I hope you get running water again soon - I know what that can be like. Hopefully you won't have suffered any damage from frozen pipes or anything. We went to Albuquerque last year and there were these amazing rosemary shrubs in several places. I know they are a tender perennial, and I hope they didn't get frozen in the storm! They were so pretty.

Kristi, do you ever tire of the warm weather and miss snow? When we lived in Hawaii, I found that I missed the change of seasons.

Prairie Homemaker said...

We are thawing some but will be expecting snow again by Wednesday.
Odd for Texas! At least this part!

desert said...

i have one of those rosemary bushes, and i just noticed today that it did freeze, about half of it is all brown. but i will just trim that part and i'm sure it will come back beautifully
i let you know,
and yes, as of this morning i have running water again..yes!
keep warm


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