Thursday, January 6, 2011

Ready to Learn


When you come to the piano, and you find this, it’s probably time for some starter lessons, yes? (Daddy did help her, but just a little.)


I thought I’d ask here - does anyone have any book recommendations for early beginner pianists? We’d like to help her get a few basics on which to build her skills. Leave a comment with your suggestions, and I promise to figure out how to post video before her first recital.


Kellie said...

my mom always kept an organ in the house and when my kids were young, we did have a piano. there are easy to follow books out there, check ebay and amazon. However, my best advise is to make it like a game with "special permission" (kids love getting special permission for things) and never push her to practice. I use to love to get special permission to play the organ and would play for about a half an hour... all the songs I had (on my own) worked on. It also helped to learn how to read music (although I STILL have to cheat and put the letters on the piano keys, lol)

Have FUN! (buy some ear plugs!)

Ten Things Farm said...

Great info, Kellie! We have started by just writing out the letters and giving her that to follow so she can learn Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star. Once I get hold of (or make) some blank music paper, I'll draw it up proper, but with the letters on each note. A book done like that would be great for her right now.

We use learning/practice as a reward quite a lot. I saysomething like, "After we get done with chores, we can make bread together," or "If your room is tidied by lunchtime, we'll have time for paints." She really loves practicing during the day so she can surprise Daddy when he gets home from work. :)

Paula said...

I used to have that same Rudolph music!

Ten Things Farm said...

Paula, if you donated yours to a thrift store, we may have your old copy! :)

Debbie said...

My son, now a cello performance major, started that way. He looked at his older brother's "Jingle Bells" music and played it by ear to teach himself how to read music. I might have given him a hint or two, but not much (it was Christmas time, after all). That's when I knew he needed a teacher!

Stephanie said...

Hal Lennord(?) always had a good series. I have used both the organ and piano versions.

I was laughing because we have that same Rudolph sheet music! LOL!

There are also quite a few places offering free sheet music online now. Just google "Free sheet music" .

Steph and Christopher


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