Sunday, March 7, 2010

This Week's Menu

Thanks to Laura at for hosting menu plan monday.

We tried several new recipes last week. Some of them were of them was just awful. These soft pretzels, which you see in the 'henhouse bowl' were horrid.


I think there must be a misprint in the instructions for the water bath where they were simmered, because they actually changed to a pale orange in that water bath and they were horribly bitter. Yick.

I'm feeling less adventurous in the meal plan department this week, and I'm sticking with tried and true favorites. Also, Little Bit and I have a sinus infection. I'm going to keep it easy.

When we get any sort of upper respiratory thing with a cough, I make 'hot lemonade'. It's just a mug of hot water, some lemon juice and honey. Simple and very soothing. It clears out a lot of the congestion and eases the cough. I think hot lemonade will be our beverage of choice the next few days, along with plenty of water.

On to the menu!

Breakfast Options:
scones, oranges and tea
peanut butter toast, fruit smoothies
eggs, toast, grapefruit
steel cut oats with brown sugar and raisins, applesauce
yogurt with granola

Lunch Options:
leftovers from previous suppers
cheese, crackers, grapes
tomatoes stuffed with tuna salad

S - pizza, garden salad, orange wedges
M - teriyaki beef, brown rice, macaroni salad, broiled asparagus with garlic, kim chee
T - chicken noodle soup, vegetable sticks, cheese & crackers
W - taco salads, chips and salsa
R - roasted chicken, potatoes, carrots and onions, homemade bread with butter
F - homemade tomato soup with alphabet pasta, grilled cheese on homemade bread, vegetable sticks
S - to be determined, possibly leftovers


Prairie Farmstead Ponderings said...

I'm so sorry your pretzels didn't turn out, Dearie.

I'm trying to get up the nerve ~ and energy ~ to try making homemade tortillas. Do you have any tried and true recipes?

Hope you and Little Bit are both feeling better soon.

Hugs and prayers ~ always.

Brandi @ Frugal Farmhouse said...

Yummy Looking menu!! I want to come to your house :)

sharon :) said...

Sorry your pretzels did not work....I made some 7 years ago...but did not 'bathe' them; I just brushed with an egg wash, sprinkled a bit of sea salt and baked according to directions. My dd says we need to try them again really soon.

How about adding some cinnamon to your 'lemonade'? Its a germ fighter and works with the honey to fight all the lil bad germies waddling around. Last week when my dd was ill, we made 'tea' with honey, cinnamon and warm water....ROFL, dd misses her 'tea' now!

Hope yall are better soon!!!!

sharon :)

tenthingsfarm said...

Thanks, y'all! Sharon, I will try the cinnamon..and maybe the 7 years ago pretzels, once I get over the trauma of this last batch.

Brandi, wait until we're all better, then I'll make you pie! ;)

PFP, thank you for the love. I've tried a few tortilla recipes, but nothing that stands out as awesome. I like the really thin stretch ones, which I think are tough to do at home (You are talking about flour tortillas, yes?) The one tip I have is that if you have a tortilla press, use it for the flour ones, because it'll get you halfway to where you need to go, and pressing them first (for me) means they look less like amoebas when I'm done. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Hi, DD,

Have a tip for Prairie Farmstead Ponderings. Our Wal-Mart has tortilla flour in the Mexican section and the recipe is pretty good. My only problem was getting them round and they tended to try to go back smaller when you were trying to stretch them.

Also, they need to be cooked at a VERY low heat and carefully as they tend to scorch and/or get crisp and break more than store bought ones.

I made one or two batches and decided to help the economy and buy 3 or 4 packages a year. Ha, Ha

Granny Ladybug


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