Sunday, February 7, 2010

Menu Plan Monday!

Hello, Dearies!

How was your weekend? I hope you had a good one, whether you were watching the snow fall (and fall), watching football or just doing whatever needed to be done.

Have you made a plan for the coming week? I have, but it's not as involved as they have been lately. I am finding that it's better to keep it simple, especially when lunch is the main meal in our day.

Picked up a quart of buttermilk at the store this weekend so I'll be doing a baking day one day soon. I plan to make some scones, biscuits, pancakes and waffles. They all freeze really well, and it's so handy to have them on hand. If there is any left after all that I might make some Texas sheet cake too, just in the smaller, Colorado size. I have to make something for bookclub on Thursday and I need something for quilt group on Friday.

Here's the plan:

Breakfast Ideas:
scones (once they are made), fresh fruit, milk
bagels w/cream cheese, fresh fruit, milk
pancakes (once they are made) w/applesauce, milk
cinnamon-raisin oatmeal, fresh fruit or applesauce, milk
cereal, fresh fruit, milk
hard-cooked eggs, toast, fresh fruit, milk

Lunches (our main meal)

S: Pizza Hut pizza (Superbowl treat), veggie sticks with dip, soda/juice (The pizza was really good - it's been a long time since we had Pizza Hut.)
M: warm sliced chicken on green salads w/dressing, cheesy garlic bread, fruit pops
T: waffles with sliced ham, apple topping
W: beef-barley soup with vegetables, crackers and cheese, apples and grapes
R: bbq turkey sandwiches, fries, slaw, oranges
F: potluck at quilting group (I need to take something red or pink for Valentine's - any ideas?)
S: ham-potato chowder w/vegetables, crackers, fresh fruit

Suppers are leftovers from lunches, fridge scrounging or something from the pantry. Little Bit asked me today when we're going to eat tiny fish, so maybe we'll have sardines and crackers for supper one night with some salad.

We have plenty of snacks on hand - the usual things like homemade trail mix, veggie sticks, fresh fruit, string cheese. If I can get my ducks in a row I'll be making yogurt this week too. I think strawberry.

Thanks to Laura at for hosting MPM - have a great week! I have some neat craft stuff to show you on Wednesday. Y'all come back now, y'heah?



Amanda said...

How about these ~ ~ for your 'pink' thing on Friday ~ They always turn out really well ~ just be careful not to break a tooth on the middles! LOL. Looks like a good menu this week ~ I might have to steal a couple of those ideas :)

Your Frugal Friend, Niki said...

Sounds like a good week. Too funny to read that your main meal of the day is lunch and not supper. My grandmother-in-law was just telling us all about life on the farm when she was growing up and first married.

Sounds like good times.


tenthingsfarm said...

Thanks, Amanda! I'm still not sure exactly what I'll do, but window cookies are a great idea.

Niki, I just realized that this week, our main meal will actually be dinner - it's dependent on my hubby's work schedule. However, I know a lot of farm families where lunch was and is the main meal. I think by suppertime, everyone is just too worn out to make a big deal of it. It makes more sense though, don't you think?


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