Saturday, October 17, 2009

This week's savings.

I spent about $24 this week and got quite a few groceries. These are from different stores, different deals. I'll list a few highlights, just for fun.

Gotta love the bread store for the things I can't get made. English muffins always sound like they would take forever to make, and my bagels are still inconsistent, so for $7.50 I got all the breadstuffs in this photo. We'll store things in the freezer and use them as needed, and these items will last us quite a long time.

The great deals here include free-after-coupons Sobe life water and low priced tuna, ranging from 25 to 27 cents after sale and coupons. Skippy was 53 cents after I used a Target coupon and a manufacturer coupon - not bad! Pears were on sale for 50 cents a pound, apples were on sale for 20 cents each. That whole head of cabbage was 63 cents too! Everything was on sale, those were just the really good deals.

Finally, I picked up some 93% lean ground beef. I usually grind my own, but this was a really good price and it will save me some time since it's already ground. I plan to freeze some for hamburgers, cook up some chili and mix some with ground turkey or chicken to make meatballs.

For less than $25 we'll be eating this food for far more than one week. WooHoo!

I have one national blog and one local blog I use to help me find sales, coupons and special offers. For national stuff check out and if you live in my area, try for local specifics.

Happy savings to you!


Hilary said...

I live here in Colorado Springs. Where is the "bread store". I would love to know so I can get some good deals too!

tenthingsfarm said...

Hey, Hilary! I usually go to the one at 4751 Flintridge - Flintridge and Academy - it's on the southwest corner near the Walgreen's there. That one sells Entenmann's, Orowheat, etc. For every $7 you spend you get an item from the free table...they also have a punch card to earn free stuff. Wednesday is 'double punch' day and Fridays you get 10% off.

According to my phone book there is a Rainbo Thrift Shop at 3232 Chelton Circle. I have been to that one too, and they had good prices on bagels the time I was there, but not as many whole grain items. The directory also lists a Wonder-Hostess Thrift Shot at 847 E. Platte, but I think that one might have closed? They are in the Yellow Pages, mixed in with 'Bakers - Retail'. Hope that helps! :)


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