Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Big Day!

Early the next morning....

Happy Birthday, Sweetie!

She wanted to open presents and sing and eat cake and everything right away. However, Daddy was still in bed, feeling quite miserable. I needed to stall her a little. Besides, it was a little early for all the festivities!

"You know what you need, sweetie? You need a nice, warm bath. You're four now...you need to wash off the 'three-ness' and start the year all warm and clean and perfume-y."

She thought that was a fantastic idea. I'm one lucky mama. After a quick breakfast of scones and fresh pears with hot tea, she took a nice warm bath. She told her bathtub buddies (whale, frog and duck) all about her birthday plans while I washed her hair.

Once she was clean, dry, lotioned, pony-tailed and overalled, we woke Daddy. Time to open some presents!


There's that floor puzzle. She loves school busses!


She loved all her gifts! Sock monkeys, a ladybug bowl and puzzles from grandparents, slipper socks from my friend Helen, a book and homemade purse from our neighbor, plus the things we got for her...it was a lot!

She played for a while, but her excitement about ladybug cakes eventually took over. She put a layer of frosting on her cupcake.

Then she dipped it in orange sugar.

She piped on eyes, antennae and the outline for wings, then used M&M's for spots.

Happy Birthday to You....Happy Birthday to You....

Make a Wish!

(I think she wished she could go ahead and eat her cupcake! hee hee)


After just one, she lost all interest in decorating and wanted to go play with her new toys. I finished the rest of them for her.




Needless to say, hers was much cuter than mine were! We took some to our neighbors, just to share the love.

I guess I forgot to take pictures of lunch. We had herbed roasted chicken, Cesar salad and homemade biscuits. She ate a big salad plate full of salad - every little scrap of it! She had a bite or two of chicken too, and some biscuit, just to be polite. :)

That afternoon, she asked about her pinata. She mentioned a pinata the day before, out of the blue. I had explained that generally, a pinata is for big parties, not family birthdays. I was hoping that was that, but...she gave me that 'I know you can do anything, mom' look, and I caved. I mean, hey...it's her BIRTHDAY. We made it together, in about four minutes.

We cut a piece of cardstock into an oval and added some legs and antennae, eyes and a smile. Then we used the hole punch to make spots, which Little Bit applied to the cardstock.

I let her go through some stuff in the craft room and find some trinkets, and I added one tootsie roll. We put a single sheet of tissue paper over that and taped it all around with scotch tape. We punched a hole and tied a cord to our...er...pinata.




That was so worth it!

And that was her birthday. She had a great time (we did too!) and we made some happy memories. Next post, cost breakdown and some ideas for making your own fun with stuff on hand.


Scottish Witch said...

Oh my! Looks like she had great fun! And I love her cupcakes!

Happy Birthday to your little one!

Anonymous said...

Dear Little Bit and All,

You looked so pretty on your birthday!!! And Mom and Dad decorated so nicely. I'm glad you had such a happy birtyday.

I'm sorry you are all feeling sort of bad. Hope it goes away soon.

Love from all. Aunt L. seems to be having a good time. We went to Paducah today, went to Aldi's, Sam's club and K-Mart to pick up the dishwashing liquid we like, ate a beef hot dog at Sam's, then came home. About halfway home Grandpa pulled over and asked Grandma to drive as he was really sleepy. Will wonders never cease?

Got home safely and put away groceries, etc. Now will rest.

Love from all,

Granny Ladybug

sharon :) said...

Awwwwwww, how precious she is ... and her party ideas too!

Looks like yall had a wonderful day!

Happy Birthday, dear one!

sharon in alabama :)

Angelique said...

I love the pinata! hee hee! Everything looks so great...I think creative home parties are so much better than expensive rent-a-party places

Anonymous said...

What a great party! Happy Birthday Little Bit! My baby girl is an Olivia also. But not so little any more, she turned twelve in April.

If you have need of a "real" pinata some other year, I can give you some directions. I let my girls make one out of flour paste, newspaper strips and a balloon. They had more fun making and painting it than actually busting it.

Take Care,

tenthingsfarm said...

Thanks, y'all! She really did have a great time. We all did!

Thanks for the offer, Georgia - I've made those same pinatas you're describing - we simply didn't have time to do that this time. The only 'problem' with our 'single serving pinata' is that it was so easy to make....she has asked to make one every day since!

stacey said...

happy birthday kih!


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