Saturday, September 26, 2009

Update - Not-so-Organized Christmas!

OK, so I'm falling behind. Last week was the foyer/entry. It's tidy and all (I'm not counting the canning equipment that is sitting there, because some day, I'll get the canning finished and then I'll put that stuff back in the pantry downstairs), but I didn't get the door primed or painted. Bad domestic engineer - bad Bad BAD!!

This week is the master bedroom. I cleaned out my closet! That, in and of itself, is worthy of notifying the local paper (I didn't), but as bonus, I cleaned off the top of my dresser. Sure, I have a basket of 'stuff to go through' from that, and sure, my night table still has half a bookshelf worth of books on it, but at least I did something.

Besides, I still have the weekend to make and hang the curtains, clean, touch up and varnish the window, clear that night table, and (eep!) look under the bed.

On the other hand, I got some White Fruitcakes made, and I've been squirrelling away freezer meals for holiday time. Let's not forget the canning, either - plums, plum conserve, Asian plum sauce, apple pie filling...and the honey, and other things I've forgotten, I'm sure.

So...newsflash, I'm not Super Woman. I'm Realistic Woman, and even she should get to wear a cape and a tiara, don't you think? My house is more organized than it would be with out Organized Christmas, and I have more of a plan than usual, so I'm calling it good and choosing joy. Because ultimately, it's all about joy.

So, tell me - is anyone else playing along? Are you doing Organized Christmas? If so, how's it going? If not, leave a comment anyway, just because you can. Just let me know what you're up to, how you're doing, your favorite Care Bear - anything!


Scottish Witch said...

I was going to do it, then my sister died and I haven't been able to find the time. Today I actually got groceries for the house in more than just the "mad dash" way.

We're getting some new furniture today as well (free from a friend of the family) so we'll see if that helps the plans along.

tenthingsfarm said...

Scottish Witch, I'm sorry for your loss, and I'll keep you and your family in my prayers. What a difficult time this must be.

stacey said...

i think realistic woman deserves a tiara and a boa. just sayin'

Anonymous said...

I want to, and we did clean the master bedroom. No we will not be painting this year. At least the ceiling fan is not shedding anymore...
Cat you never cease to amaze me with all you do as it is!
hugs sweetie
who is still anonymous cuz google ate her account...

Gill - That British Woman said...

well I did print out the calendar, then didn't get any further than that!! bad, bad British woman!!



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