Sunday, September 13, 2009

Got the living room done!

I've been working away at Organized Christmas whenever I'm not canning chili sauce, applesauce, picking onions - whatever - and the house (and the plan) are coming together nicely!


This is our couch. It's the comfiest, coziest couch ever. It also takes up a chunk of real estate in the living room. Yeah, it's kinda big. See those windows there? It used to be centered in front of those windows, but lawsie mercy, it made it hard (for me) to get the windows open or closed. It was blocking some light too!

I like it better where we have it now. It makes the room feel more like a room, too.


The other space hog in the living room is the piano. This is a great spot for it, though - it sits directly over the support beam that runs the length of the house. I wish you could hear it - it has beautiful sound. It was made in Rockford, IL. I grew up (Kindergarten through about 5th grade, then 7th grade) not too far from there.


We also moved a bookshelf, and that freed up this corner for a nice reading spot. Close to the stove (warm in the winter) and I can see down the hall if Little Bit is supposed to be napping and isn't!

So - did you believe for even one second that 1. Little Bit takes a nap 2. I get to sit and read while Little Bit takes a nap ? Just wanted to see if you were paying attention, hee hee.

There is another corner of the room that I swear I photographed, but I don't seem to have the photo - sorry. It has two book cases that meet at the corner - one on each wall - full of books. Molly's blanket is in front of it, the stereo is there too. It's a nice mini-library, and I'm frequently finding Little Bit on Molly's blanket, reading her library books.

As of tonight, the living room is de-cobwebbed, dusted, and rearranged. The windows were washed inside and out, and since it had never gotten done, the window frames were coated with polyurethane. The wood blinds were dusted and cleaned. (I love wood blinds, but I sure don't love cleaning them very much!) All the upholstery was vacuumed, drapes were air fluffed with tennis balls in the dryer, and the floor was vacuumed well. Everything was taken off the walls, dusted and cleaned, and the paint was touched up anywhere that needed it. Also, in other Organized Christmas business, lists were made and I froze some bacon-cheese-potato-veggie soup for a busier time.

Not necessarily in that order. In fact, I vacuumed well once, then got out the thingie to clean all the dust from the ceiling fan - duh - then I got to vacuum again! And dust. Oops!

This coming week - the entry, which means I'll be painting the other side of that door.

Are you doing Organized Christmas? How's it going?


Anonymous said...

Dear 10 Things Farm,

Looks really good!!! I'm so proud of you. Wish you were here to help me put things together in a few weeks. Carpet may be put down on Oct. 27, Aunt L. has other eye surgery on Sept. 29 and can't come down till after Oct. 7.

Oh, well, I'll probably get my kitchen-dining room laminate laid, front door painted and installed, storm doors installed, hallway, kitchen and dining room papered, bathroom tub surround installed, ditto new toilet and vinyl floor. HA, HA.

Love and miss all of you.

Love, Granny LB

tenthingsfarm said...

Thanks Mom! :)

I wish I could come help with some of that - except papering. You do NOT want me putting up wallpaper. I can't get it lined up (or straight) to save my life!

I think the laminate will be kinda fun - from what I've heard it goes in pretty easy once you get going with it. You might want some of those kneepads they sell at Lowes or Home Depot - we used them when we were building the house and they made a ton of difference.
(Want me to send ours if I can find them?)

Your Beloved Daughter

hmsclmom said...

I noticed the honu (Hawaiian green sea turtle) petroglifs wood carvings on your wall. Beautiful! Reminds me of home in Hawaii where I grew up. :)

tenthingsfarm said...

Thanks, Hmsclmom! Hubby is from Oahu, and we get back when we can! Which island are you from? :)


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