Saturday, August 8, 2009

Some things just don't work.

Trying to use the weed eater to knock down grass that is 4 feet tall might work in some situations, but not when the tall grass covers close to an acre.

We're just trying to get it down so we can go ahead and mow without having to go over it 32 times.

Tonight when I was rinsing all the little bits of hay and seeds and leaf and dirt out of my hair, I remembered that people used to use old box springs - the metal ones - to drag/level fields. They pulled them behind a truck or a tractor, usually with some sort of weights (like concrete block)

Something like that would knock down dry grass, wouldn't it?

I don't have an old box spring, but I do have t-posts...and chain...and concrete blocks...and a pickup truck...

...and a strong desire to NOT weedeat anymore out in that field.


Prairie Farmstead Ponderings said...

Any chance you have a spare small length of chain link fencing, Laura? We used a piece of that, with a chain attached to each top corner, hooked to the hitch point on the riding lawn mower to level a bunch of 'unwanted matter' out in the back forty. It worked pretty well.

Where are those crop circle creators when you need them, eh?

Anonymous said...

You could always make a crop circle with all your equipment, sell tickets, and pay someone to weed-eat your property..... Oh, that doesn't help? LOL

Sorry kiddo. I don't have as much property as you--.18 of an acre--and I have trouble taking care of that! Hope you find a solution very soon!

tenthingsfarm said...

When I posted 'wanted' for a box spring on freecycle, someone else mentioned chain link fencing. I don't have any. I have some cattle panels...but they are 16' long, so I'm going to see if I have any cattle panel sections around. If I wired some block to those maybe that would work. I was thinking of using the truck to drag, but the mower would be better - a much smaller turning radius!

Crop circles....heh. My fave group has a song about them, and now it's running through my head!

Anonymous said...

He he, that's funny that Jalene mentioned crop circles! I didn't even read her post before I posted! *cue twilight zone music*

There, Cat--there's another song to replace that crop cirlces one! :D

Mrs. Bee said...

bush-hogging is what it is called!


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