Friday, July 3, 2009


We almost never see snakes here. This makes me sad, because I really love them (the non-venomous ones, at least).

Yesterday morning I was putting a bucket away when I found this garter snake, mid meal.

I know. Kinda 'ew', but kinda cool too!

But also kinda 'ew'.

I think all the animals are doing better with all the rain we're getting this year. If that means more snakes for me, then yay! Especially whatever eats gophers. Especially one that's big enough to get that gopher that keeps tunneling under the clotheslines. Enough already with that!

In other news:

More about that soon! ;)


Anonymous said...

Wow--that was a crazy pic, Cat! And I've never heard of anyone HOPING for snakes, but you have good reason. Makes me wish we had a snake a few years ago to eat the gopher that downed 12 of my tomato plants!

Is that a chick?

stacey said...

did you hear that scream? that was me running away, in ohio!

tenthingsfarm said...

Sorry, Stacey! Does that mean that you don't want to hold the 8 foot python at the summer reading party? She's really sweet, and just kinda drapes over my shoulders. ;)

That is a chick, K! We put a few eggs in the incubator (a broody hen lost interest) and we have one little one so far!

Non-venemous snakes do a lot of good, keeping down the rodent populations and stuff like that. Plus, snakes are just cool! I love the way they feel!


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