Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Not the best doggie day.

Overall, Molly is doing great, and she is a really sweet girl. We are really happy to have her and glad she is part of the family. That said, today was not our best day.

Her toenails have gotten long, and needed to be trimmed. My neighbor gave us one of those pedi-paws things - it's like a dremel for pet toenails. I don't think Molly is ever going to let us get near her with it. She completely freaked out over it, and even after I put it away, she was futless about the whole ordeal.

After a lot of fussing, pulling, ignored commands and eventually, wrestling, I finally got her nails trimmed with toenail clippers (the doggie nail clippers were just kind of squishing them). Then, because they had sharp edges, I had to file them. By then she had given up on resistance, so that part wasn't so bad.

I let her out once her nails were done, so she could run and get rid of some pent-up energy and stress. She bounded around the yard a while, then she went pee - I saw her go pee - and then she wanted in, so we went back inside. A few minutes later I began vacuuming. She doesn't like the vacuum, but as long as she's been in a different room, she is pretty OK. Today, she peed on the rug in the entry. Thankfully it was a throw rug on tile - not carpeting. Still...not our best day.

We love you, Molly. Tomorrow will be a better day, kiddo!


stacey said...

poor molly, what a stressful doggie day!

Scottish Witch said...

The nail clippers that were squishing, are they the guillotine kind? I use them with great success and find you must do it quickly. Also if you don't have it get a steptic powder incase you nick the quick.

They work the best I find because once you get the hang of it you just fly through them.

Tomorrow will be better for her (and you with her). She's awfully cute.

Laurie said...

She is a truly beautiful dog!

Hoping tomorrow is a better day with Molly!

Anonymous said...

Oh Cat,
I can so relate!
It takes both Khori and I to trim Trixie's nails and then as old as she is she races around the house like crazy.
When she gets a bath,she needs to go out to pee immediately upon release as she seems totally traumatized,poor thing.
The joy they bring to us is so worth it though,isn't it???LOL!!!
Hugs and God bless,

tenthingsfarm said...

The nail clippers are the guillotine kind (thank you, I didn't know how to describe them), and I've used them before without any problem. Molly's nails are thicker than Max's nails were - I just couldn't get them to work for her. The toenail clippers were actually fine, and today at the store I'm going to look for a good strong nail file. If I can file her nails (file early, and file often!) maybe I can keep them from getting long and needing trimming? That is my hope.

She really is a cute, sweet dog - I agree with y'all a hundred percent on that one! I am sure today will be a much better day! :)

Anonymous said...

Aww, poor baby. I've had to work on my dogs lately, defleaing, etc, and they do get a little skittish about stuff like that.

Today will be a better day!

Anonymous said...

Awwwwww, Molly girl is so lucky to have such a sweet mama and great family to live with!


desert said...

she is so beautiful


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