Saturday, April 18, 2009

I can't knit.

I tried knitting, and I really wanted to learn. My sweet hubby got me a kit with a book, needles, all these little things that I don't know what they are (they look like little plastic keyrings), and a counter doohickey that looks like a manual pedometer....and I really tried, y'all.

Knitting is hard. It make me cry and swear. It made my hands and shoulders hurt, and the stuff I made? Not pretty.

However, when I was a pre-teen kidlet, my Grandma taught me some crochet. I've never really learned how to crochet that well either, but I can do chain stitch, the afghan stitch, something I think might be single crochet, and if that one is single crochet, then the other one I think I know probably might be double crochet. Yike.

Bearing that in mind....look what I made! I found some cotton yarn down in my craft stuff, and decided that some homemade dishcloths were in order.

What do you think?

There was just exactly enough of the blue/blue variegated to do that dishcloth. I'm totally out of it (not even a strand left!). However, I have this big honkin' spool of the blue/cream variegated, so I suppose I'll get several dishcloths from that one. However, now that I'm crocheting (if that is indeed what it is that I'm doing), I was thinking how nice it would be to have a thick, soft, bigger towel-like creation to put dishes on to air-dry. So that is started, in the stitch that I believe to possibly be double crochet. The result is a little more open, and I'm thinking that will allow my stuff to air dry quite nicely. Pictures when(if) I get it done!


Laurie said...

You did a very nice job considering you think you don't crochet very well! LOL! Actually, you crochet very well. Very nice!

I've made dozens of dishclothes, some knit, some crochet.

They last like no other dishcloth that I've ever owned.

Good job!

homeschoolmom4 said...

Looks lovely to me! Mine look quite similar so maybe an expert might think otherwise. LOL I love my hm dishclothes! I never thought about making a large one to air dry the dishes on...great idea! I need to get some more cotton yarn. I buy it on the big spool from Wally World. Have fun!

tenthingsfarm said...

Thanks, y'all! I think I crochet OK...I just don't know what the stitches are that I'm doing, lol....and those books that say things like CH12, P14,etc. etc. are just gibberish to me. I don't think I could every make anything complicated, like a mitten. (Can you crochet mittens? Probably not.) I'll have to stick to dishcloths, maybe a towel thingie, and scarves, hee hee.

Carrie said...

Very nice! I had a friend that knitted a dishcloth for me and I LOVE it. Just enough texture to actually scrub!

homesteph said...

Very well done! You crochet just fine :). I'm not good with those written abbreviation directions either. But, I found a library book with "maps" of the stitches and projects, it makes TONS more sense to me. that way. Great idea on the dish-drying pad. I think the open stitches will allow things like upside-down glasses to dry much better than on a towel.

stacey said...

great job on the dish clothes1 i have the solution to yuor knitting problem, so don't pitch any of your stuff. this is a serious offer. my brother used to live in the colorado springs area and i loved visiting there. i would love to plan a trip for nest year, sometime in 2010. will trade knitting lessons for room and board. wadda ya think?

tenthingsfarm said...

You're welcome any time, Knittin' Kitten! We'd love to have ya, lessons or not! (Kamper may make you bring her with, but that's fine too! ;) )

stacey said...

i'd love to bring kmaper! road trip!


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