Monday, February 2, 2009

Baker Creek

We're trying a new (to us) seed company this year - Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds. No GMO seeds, all heirlooms, good prices and a huge selection. Since we got so many seeds on clearance last fall, we just ordered a few things.

Amaranth - Golden Giant
Fava Beans - Aquadulce
Mammoth Red Mangel Beets (we are growing these mostly for the chickens)
Cowpeas - Six Week Purple Hull
Ground Cherry (Strawberry Husk Tomato)
Hardy Kiwi
Quinoa - Kaslala
Lettuce - Little Gem (Romaine type)
Watermelon - Katanya (60 days - woo!!)
Single Hollyhocks - Indian Spring
Job's Tears (a type of hollyhock)

Isn't that a weird bunch of stuff? All of them are new to us - at least new varieties. I can't wait to try them out an see what we get! I've heard great things about ground cherries, I hope they were true!

Of course, as soon as I placed the order, I found something I wish I'd ordered. Just now, I found something else. I am going to call tomorrow and see if I can add a packet (or two, or by tomorrow, probably six) to the order. I don't want to pay shipping twice.

That said - shipping is $3.00 no matter the size of the order. That's excellent! The catalog is gorgeous, and I really want to go visit their store some day. They have a historic homestead, festivals, rare poultry a way, I'm almost afraid to go there! I won't ever want to leave!

If you are curious - visit


Now, all I need are potato sets, onion sets....raspberries, grapes, blueberries, strawberries, gooseberries, blackberries...somebody stop me!!!!

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TofuRanch said...

I love that seed is so pretty. I can't seem to diside what I want out of it. We need to start out slow

We already have our onion sets...we have 1800....we love onions can you tell, also they are so easy to grow and it was cheaper to add our order to our was lots less than the 800 that we were going to get on our owntradstes


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