Thursday, September 4, 2008

Hard Times?

It seems that most everywhere I go lately, be it real life or in cyberspace, people are talking about hard times. People are struggling with paying the rent, paying the bills, feeding the family, finding work. People have lost jobs, families have lost their homes. Everything has gone up in price, getting from here to there costs more if you're driving a car, and it all adds up. It is easy to get focused on the struggle, on how bad things are. It's easy to worry and fret.

At the same time that I'm hearing about hard times, I'm reading The Grapes of Wrath, by John Steinbeck. It's our book for this month's book club, and it has given me a different perspective. I've realized that while things have gotten more expensive, I have got it really, really good. We have the tools and experience to garden and put up some food for year-round use. We have our little flock of happy hens. We have food in the pantry, clothes in the closet, wood in the woodpile. We have a stellar library system that keeps us entertained, and we have real-life and internet friends all over the world. Best of all, we have one another.

Sure, I could point out things that I would like different. There are things that I want. I could make a list of all sorts of things to worry about and fret over, but instead, I'm going to count my blessings.

What about you? Have you hit on hard times? Are you struggling? If so, what do you need? And if not, how are you blessed?


Julie said...

I really enjoy your blog! I know everyone is struggling with hard times right now. I am grateful that I and my husband have good jobs. We also have a nice garden that is a blessing. My husband will be hunting soon so that will bless us with meat in the freezer.

Coudl you post the recipe for the oat bread? The picture of it looks so yummy and I would like to try it. Thanks.


tenthingsfarm said...

Thanks for your kind words, Julie. I hope it's a good harvest and hunting season for your family.

I'll be posting the recipe (and photos) for the bread soon, OK? I've been tweaking it lately, but I think I've got it just how we like it now. :)

Toni Toni Toni said...

I have had hard times lately. Mainly in the area of finding a job. It's frustrating and exhausting. And I feel like a total loser because I'm 27, sleeping on my Mom's couch, have 2 degrees and can't find a job. I am thankful for a lot of things of course, but it's hard to constantly remind myself of those things.

Jan Hatchett said...

Everyone I know is feeling the pinch these days. We are blessed in so many ways (roof over our head, two beautiful kiddos, family who loves us, paid for cars, good job for hubby, work in a school ministry for me) but it's still a struggle. We seem to have amazing medical bills, even just for prescriptions. We've had to discontinue one kiddo's behavioral therapy (he's mildly autistic), but he's doing fine with what he's getting at our school.

All in all, God is good and we'll be fine, but life was sure easier a year or so ago!


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