Thursday, August 7, 2008

Shoppin' and Makin' Money!

First, I have to tell y'all that we got nearly a half inch of rain last night...and it's been raining this afternoon too! Woo to the hoo!!


Did you get the Sunday paper? There was a little coupon-flyer-sized thing in there from Kellogg's. In the back, it has a load of coupons, plus if you mail in 10 UPC symbols, the receipt showing that you bought the stuff all in one transaction in the next couple weeks, and the form, you get a $10 rebate.

Meanwhile, Walgreen's has a bunch of the same stuff on sale, and you can get register rewards (money off your NEXT purchase) too. Here's how it worked for me.

First...hubby brought home the coupons/ads/etc from his work on Monday, so I had more than one set of the coupons.

6 boxes poptarts
2 boxes raisin bran
2 boxes special K red berry

Total cost: $22

Minus coupons: $1 off of 2 poptarts - I had three of those, plus $1 off 2 raisin bran, plus $1 off 2 special K. So that brought the total to $17.

I paid the $17. I got two 'register rewards' for $5 that's $10 I can spend at Walgreens...PLUS, I still get to mail off for the $10 rebate from Kellogg's. I made $3 profit! Even with a stamp and envelope - I still made $2.50!!

THEN, I got:

2 Glade Candles
1 Lemon Pledge (and it had a free duster attached to it, cool!)
1 Scrubbin' Bubbles
1 Shout Laundry spray
2 Pencil Boxes (they are part of some future Christmas gifts)

I had coupons for $1 off each of the candles, $1 off the pledge, and .75 each off the scrubbin' bubbles and shout. There were in-ad coupons for the pencil boxes (.50 off each)

I also used one of the $5 'register rewards' that I JUST got.

Subtotal with tax: $4.14
I used the last of my rebate from last month ($3.29) and paid 85 cents out of pocket.

There are rebates on everything but the pencil boxes, so I'll be getting $5.50 in rebates put back onto my Walgreen's card. Plus, I still have that other $5 register rewards to use.

Um....YAY! I had to get rainchecks for a couple of things...some of those have rebates on them too, so when I buy them, I'll use the other $5 register reward, and then turn in THIS month's rebates to get them pretty much for free too.

We spent $15.74 at Walmart, but nothing too terribly exciting. I price matched some things with sale ads from other stores, and that saved me $6.94. Two coupons saved me another $2. We got everything we need for the week, plus we had run out of some things we rarely get, like baking powder and onion soup mix. I actually bought a head of lettuce because our old stuff is bitter and the new stuff is too small. Also, I got a big pack of 8 pork chops that will last us quite a while. If we grill them, we grill 2, but for stir-fry, one is enough to feed all 3 of us. I'll break that up later tonight and freeze all but one. (Stir fry garden veggies w/pork this weekend!)

In summary, I tend not to pay actual money for poptarts, but free ones make a nice snack or extra in hubby's lunch from time to time. The other good deals helped round out what we have in our freezer and pantry. We have fresh fruit for the week and we're doing good with our budget.

What kinds of deals are you finding? Are you making any extra money with the stuff you buy?

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