Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I spoke too soon!

OK, I posted this morning about the fruit, then we hopped in the car and went to the store, because we didn't have any parmesan cheese (and hubby wanted chicken cesar salad in his dinner for work). That's all, just some cheese, and we'll be on our way.

Except...I was looking at produce. They had a lot of organic bartlett pears that were yellow, but firm...but they looked horrible. Pears don't hold their pretty when they're ripe.

I asked a nearby produce guy if they ever do markdowns on fruit. He said they just put things on sale, that's all. I mentioned the pears, and that I could use them for pear butter, for canned halves, whatever...but I wasn't willing to buy them full price. He agreed that they looked pretty bad, and it was likely that no one would buy them. We went back and forth, and I got 30 pounds of organic pears for 50 cents a pound! It's not the same as picking them off our own tree, but I'm pretty happy with my haul.

So far I've canned 19 pints of pear halves, and I have all 5 trays of my dehydrator full of fairly thick slices. The big crock pot is also full of 'everything else'. It looks watery, so I'll hang it in a jelly bag. The juice will drip out and I can make jelly. The stems, peels, seeds, etc. will go to the chickens in the morning. The only thing for the trash is those silly stickers!

And yes, we remembered the parmesan cheese! :)

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desert said...

you amaze me !!!
you rock


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