Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Not Buying - How are you Doing?

Earlier this month, I said I wasn't 'stocking up' this month...that I'd just buy things we needed. This was/is in the grocery-household items category of our budget.

I have done okay with this...definitely not perfect. There's a certain brand of breakfast sausage we really like. It went on sale for $1 per 1lb. package...and I got 5 of them. We have a chest freezer, so they are for future use (well, except for the one that got turned into 6 egg-mc-muffins and meat for spaghetti on Wednesday) Peanut butter went on sale too, and I bought 4 of those. That said, I usually spend an average of about $45 a week on grocery/household stuff. This month, my average has been $26.50. We have eaten well, we have not run out of toilet paper or shampoo or cleaning supplies, and if I can keep this up, we should end the month with some leftover money.

And while we're on this, let's take a look at what I did not buy. School supplies are everywhere, and they are practically giving them away. I could have gotten 70 page notebooks for a nickel! We have about 10-12 of those from previous years...so I skipped it. No pens or pencils either...no folders...no erasers or rulers or paper clips. We have all that stuff. Sure, there are good deals out there, but is it really a good deal if you don't need the item? I don't think so. The only school supply stuff I bought was one Elmer's glue (I am almost out) and a couple of packages of Crayola crayons. Crayons make great stocking stuffers!!

So, what about this leftover money? In a couple months, the food co-op we belong to (pictures of the Spring Distribution day are here) will do a fall order for nuts, dry fruits and holiday/baking supplies. This one is smaller than the Spring order, and more fun. I can get all sorts of nuts, seeds and dry fruits in 5 lb. bags, as well as melting chocolates, chocolate chips, and extracts and such for candy-making. I have stayed away from the candy-making stuff, but we usually choose a nut or two along with some 'corn nuts' and dry fruit. This year I hope to get pecans, possibly almonds as well. I don't know if we'll get any dry fruits or not - we have quite a lot on hand, plus we dry our own apples, peaches and apricots here at 'the farm'. Anyway, if I can build up a little cash reserve, it will cover the Fall order.

So, how are you doing with 'not buying'? How are you feeling about it? Even though I stocked up a little, I am feeling like I'm making progress too. I hope you're happy with your own progress as well. Leave a comment and let me know!

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stacey said...

i mentioned a knitting book i wanted, but believe it or not. i didn't buy it. when i took a look at how much money i had to last until next pay and then took into consideration an upcoming trip for that weekend, it would've made things tight. i refuse to put it on a credit card, so i let it pass. it will be on sale again some day, if not, there's always christmas.


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