Saturday, May 3, 2008


The distribution day was really fun. I got to help with more of the process this year, and I have the sore arms and legs to prove it! Here are a few highlights:

By the time I arrived, the truck had come, it had been unloaded, and everything was sorted. Nearly everything ordered is food - look at all of it!

There are so many things to choose from. You can order grains like oats, wheat, rye, barley, etc., juice mixes, dehydrated fruits and vegetables, baking supplies, beans, rice, freeze dried meats and meals...and I saw a 25 pound bag of brownie mix! Hoooo doggies!

Here, you see volunteers starting to 'pick orders'. I helped with that a little, and it was really fun. The team leader has the order, and s/he sends you off for something on the list. You bring the item or items back, and go off for more. It's amazing how quickly all the orders are sorted out this way.

Names and order lists are attached to the different stacks.

Once all the orders are filled, we can drive in, load up, and take all our goodies home! Here are my things (well, most of them.)

We got milk powder (more on that some other time), flaxseed, brown rice, wheat berries, oats, TVP and dehydrated refried beans. The supplier didn't have our quinoa to ship, so we'll get that locally.

And this is my birthday pressie! Woo to the Hoo! (Kinda looks like someone thinks it's for her, doesn't it?)

What a fun day. I think I lifted and carried a ton of stuff - literally - 25 and 50 pounds at a time. Hey, free workout! A couple of people took the time to tell me the really liked the potato salad and the cookies I brought, which made my day! I've already tried out the mill and I love it! I milled some flour for my birthday cake (we're doing that part of the celebration tomorrow). I milled chickpeas too, to make some noodles. More on that soon! Right now, I think I'll go soak my aching muscles in a warm bath.


cindy said...

I enjoyed reading this Catinhat!. I spent a lot of years volunteering in food co-ops. I did technical assistance as a regional representative to People's Wherehouse in Ann Arbor. I can't believe how many of the federations of food coops are defunct now. I moved to Wis. and started a couple of buying clubs there and now their federation is no more either. The times they are a changing. How do hyou use your flax? I like the golden and make a pancake that is ground flaxseed, bkg soda, vanilla extract and an egg. I think it is tasty because I don't do too well eating wheat. It is nice to have something to eat with a soft egg sometimes. Gram

tenthingsfarm said...

In all honesty, we don't know a lot about flax yet. We put coarse milled flax in oatmeal, and I use it in breads and cakes and such. I've put it in smoothies too. We have 25 pounds of it now (in the freezer), so I best start coming up with some more uses for it!

This may sound silly, but I'm going to sprinkle a little of it out in the field. We have some flax growing in our flowerbeds - the flowers are so delicate, and they are a beautiful shade of blue! I would love to get some started out in the field - that could be my reason to delay mowing, hee hee!


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