Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Smelly Diapers

I've been zipping around the house ever since I put Little Sweetie to bed. I cooked the bacon, sliced tomatoes, washed lettuce, made pasta salad, all for tomorrow's lunch. Cleaned the kitchen, went downstairs to gather trash and scoop kitty litter. Checked the grocery ads that start tomorrow - then printed coupons I'll need to get some things free or nearly free. (Hope and Kim - I can get fresh whole pineapples for $1 each - should I bring some with us on the trip?) Checked email, wrote a friend, watered some plants, folded clothes and put them away.

I decided I didn't have time to post tonight, or do anything else tonight, for that matter. I'm tired. I'm feeling rushed. Enough already.

Then, as I'm walking past the bathroom, the trash can sends a clear message - I have to take out the bag of diapers. Phew!

Fine. Whatever. It's always something, isn't it?

So I put on my garden shoes and trudge out to the road with a bag of stink. Plop it in the can, turn around toward the house....and look up.

We don't have an outside light. Some of our neighbors don't either...and most everyone is already sleeping, so it's really dark. It's a clear, cool night. The moon isn't out right now, and there are millions and millions - billions - of stars glimmering in the night sky. I can easily see the stripe of Milky Way overhead, and I can pick out several constellations with ease. I feel a sense of calm, and peace, and happiness that makes me smile, and relax, and know that there is more to life than a tidy house, and coupons, and schedules, and stinky diapers. There is order in chaos, and I'm pretty sure there is some sort of plan.

There are stars in the heavens. All we have to do is look up.

And on that note, sweet dreams, one and all. :)


stacey said...

it's easy to get aught up in the day to day isn't it? yay for taking time out to gaze at the stars!

desert said...

glad you got to see the beautiful stars!
i've been here for a long time now, but the stars still amaze me, i've never seen such a beautiful nightsky as i have here in southern new mexico. and on full moon nights, omg, you could go take a walk in the desert, thats how bright it is outside, i love it.

Hope said...

fresh pineapple? Haven't had that in 9 months. If you want to bring it, I am more than willing to cut it. See you soon. real soon. Hope

tenthingsfarm said...

It's way too easy to get caught up! The stars are so beautiful, so constant - so reassuring on a rough day. I'm so glad it's dark enough here that we can really see them!

Pineapple on the way, Hopie! I may cut it up here (to save space). We get that sale price about 4 times a year here...so I always get as many as I think we can eat! See you soon!


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