Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Water - It just fell out of the sky!

Average precipitation here is about 13 inches a year, and that includes snow melt. We've been below average for a while now. Last night, and then again a few minutes ago, it rained! We're so tickled! I'd love for the fields to green up around here, and I'd love to be posting wildflower photos in a week or two!

By the way, we had to order the cable for the camera - hopefully it will be here soon!

This is the driest place we've ever lived. It's not humid, and we don't have a lot of bugs, but it's a real challenge when it comes to keeping a garden 'hydrated'. We use soaker hoses, mulch, and we've used some polymer crystals too (remember those jelly things we put around the trees when we planted them?). It all helps, but a good rain does wonders! I think we got a good bit of rain last night, and it looks like we got a couple more tenths just now. Whee!

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