Monday, May 5, 2008

This Week's Menu

Do you plan your meals ahead? I didn't for a long time. Now that I do, I wonder how we ever got fed before!

Planning a menu does several things for me. I do a better job of using up what's on hand - that saves on money and waste. In the course of a week, we eat in a more balanced way. I have little goals in my head - soup one day, meatless one day (this week, there is meat every day...oh well), different ethnic styles to have once a week, etc. Plus, I know what to thaw, what to make ahead, and when to get out the crockpot. All of that saves money, time, and frustration.

I plan lunch - it's our main meal. Supper is generally leftover from lunch the day before. Breakfast is simple enough to handle day-to-day. Here's our menu for this week:

S - Teri Beef, Rice, Potato Salad, Kim Chee, Birthday Cake
M - Pancakes w/Maple Syrup, Bacon, Peach Sorbet (save back some bacon for BLT's for tomrrow's supper)
T - Sandwiches - Corned Beef on Rye, Potato Salad, Pickles, Cubed Mango
W - Barbecued Chicken, Seasoned Pasta, Green Beans, Nectarines
R - Omelettes, Portuguese Sausage, Rice, Fruit
F - Jalapeno Poppers, Chicken-Onion Quesedillas, Green Salad, Chips n Salsa
S - Ham and Bean Soup w/Vegetables, Cornbread, maybe Jello?

So, now I know what we're having (or in the case of Sunday, already had). It makes it so much easier to prepare our meals! Today I'll cook bacon in the oven and corned beef in the crockpot. I'll put the frozen peaches in the fridge in a little while, so they can soften for the sorbet (For sorbet, I just puree' frozen peaches in the food processor - that's it!) Tonight or tomorrow night, I'll make the flour tortillas for quesedillas. Easy-peasy!

So, what are you eating this week?


scoutinlife said...

Your blog looks great I need to plan food menu a bit better but be the only one at home it harder to plan out. If make a larger meal I usually just eat left overs a couple days or more.

tenthingsfarm said...

I think it is harder to cook for one, but often I make too much on purpose, and freeze portions for later. Instead of one big lasagna (that we will get sick of before it's gone) I make 3 small ones. Two go in the freezer and one gets baked for dinner. That way, I have two days that I just thaw and bake (and whip up a salad). I do the same sort of thing with chili and soup. That way I get homemade 'convenience food'!

Toni Toni Toni said...

I'm so excited to find you blogging!! Your menu sounds yummy!



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