Friday, December 20, 2013

The Chicken (and, er, Goat) Project - 2013 Final

Hey, y'all.

Have you ever gone to the feed store for a bag of pellets or some scratch, and come home with baby chicks, because you just couldn't resist?  (I have.)

Have you ever been in the store and found a fantastic deal on something your family uses, so you stocked up?  (Yep, I've done that, lots.)

Well, back when we started this, we raised our first $60 fairly quickly, so I sent it in for the Flock of Hope.  Last week I learned about a matching grant through the ONE Campaign, specifically for Goats in Nepal

We Paid For This Goat
And the One Campaign Added This Goat!
The above images belong to Heifer International.)

Basically, it's a buy one, get one free deal, since they are matching 1:1. 

So yes, I went in looking for chickens, and ended up with goats.  But it's like doubling our donation, so I hope no one who has participated in The Chicken Project will be upset. 

Let me recap:

The total funds raised by The Chicken Project were $182.00.  Many of you sent in more than the suggested donation for the items you selected.  In addition, I had an item of my own that I sold for $30 which I added to the fund - total of 212.00.

Postage was 20.98.  We used mailing envelopes and tape we had on hand.

$212.00 - 20.98 = 191.02

Flock of Hope image from Heifer International

Your participation in The Chicken Project made it possible to purchase one Flock of Hope ($60) and one Goat ($120), plus one share, which is 1/12, of another Goat ($10).  Total donation - $190 !!! 
(The 1/12 of a goat, plus the matching 1/12 of a goat are not pictured, because...ew!)

Then, the ONE Campaign matched the $130 that went for goats, for a total impact of $320 !!!

I have an additional $1.02 (I couldn't find anywhere on the Heifer International site to donate $1.02) that I will add to a Salvation Army kettle when I am out tomorrow.

And That is THAT! 

Heartfelt thanks to everyone who participated in The Chicken (and Goat!) Project.  You've made a difference by sewing, knitting, crocheting, making donations, sharing links, telling friends.  I am truly blessed to be connected to such wonderful people.

-Laura at TenThingsFarm

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