Saturday, November 23, 2013

Chicken Project Update

The Chicken Project is a project of Ten Things Farm where we are turning donated yarn into salable items, then using the funds to purchase poultry for those in need via Heifer International. 

Take a look at this, won't you please?

Thank to all of you who have purchased scarves and shared links with friends, we have made our Christmas goal - a Flock of Hope!
As it stands right now, we have $18.18 toward the next goal, and there is another scarf sale pending, which should put us at approximately $30. 
How cool is that?
So, let me ask you what you think, OK?  Should we set our sights on another Flock of Hope or something else at Heifer International?  There are many other options - honeybees, fingerling fish and much more. 
Finally, I have more items to add to the page.  My friend Kelly made some really nice tote bags from feed sacks - they are really neat!  There are some more scarves to add as well, and if I can figure out how to finish this hat...well, we'll see.  I hope to have the new items posted in the next few days - thank you for your grace!  (I am just 'coming back' from a flu bug, and doing the best I can.)
Again, thank you all.  I really appreciate your participation in The Chicken Project.
With love,
-Laura at TenThingsFarm

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