Monday, September 23, 2013

Goals for the Week

I'm going to post my goals for the week, at least for a while.  I feel like there is much to be done before winter sets in, and one of the best ways I know to actually get things done is to set goals.  It helps me focus on things instead of just thinking about how much I have to do and not getting any of it done.  It also give me peer pressure, because I don't want to come back in a week and say 'eh, I didn't do that stuff'.  Here goes:

continue the book I'm reading/working through - Days of Deepening Friendship by Vinita Hampton Wright

read Letting God Come Close - An Approach to the Ignatian Spiritual Exercises by William Barry (You may be, I'm not Catholic...I just happen to be doing this self-guided study of St. Ignatius and his teachings.  I have already read one of Fr. Barry's books and it was really helpful! )

set aside 15 minutes at the beginning of each day for prayer and bible reading

complete a week's worth of school with Daughter

make plan for holiday baking and treats

massage for Husband

begin a menu/recipe binder - set up categories and add the recipes I have for healthy breakfasts

make a winter canning list/list of supplies I'll need

shred and freeze zucchini...or zucchini bread

wash/wax front door, clean up front porch

dust ceiling fans, tops of doors, high shelves

clean out linen closet in master bath

plant rose bush

check carrots, dig them if they're ready

monitor spinach, tomatoes, zucchini and pumpkins

32 or more ounces of water per day

make/eat lunch salads for the week - 4 days, since I already know we've got lunch plans Friday

exercise 5 days - total of 5 miles walking/treadmill

work on emptying, sweeping, cleaning and vacuuming the garage so we can seal the concrete


newmom2008 said...

Sorry I had to leave a comment after coming over from The Prudent Homemaker Blog but I was noticing a pattern in your choice of books and want to say that "Fear of the Lord" by JOhn Bevere is awesome.Would be worthwhile your time...

newmom2008 said...

I just came over from The Prudent Homemaker blog and wanted to make a comment since I noticed a pattern in your choice of reading books.Have you read "the Fear of the Lord" by John Bevere?It would be worth your time in my opinion...

Laura said...

Newmom, I saw these comments at two different times and didn't realize they were the same person. That said, my library has that book and I requested a copy. Thanks for the suggestion! :)


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