Monday, April 15, 2013

This Week's Menu

Hey, before you get all into the menu, have you entered the giveaway for Choffy brewing chocolate?

This week I start scoring standardized test essays for a testing company.  That is what I'll be doing with virtually all of my spare time, so our meals will be simpler, or else they will be things I made ahead for the freezer.  We continue to plan using items we have on hand in the pantry and/or the freezer, with reduced spending (average of just under $20 a week) for fresh items and a few sale items.  Here's what I have in mind:

cereal with milk, fruit
yogurt with homemade granola and fruit
egg salad on toast, orange slices

 photo 2012_02140003.jpg

leftovers from supper
smoothies w/yogurt
peanut butter on wheat, celery sticks, applesauce

snack basket items (containers of trail mix, pretzels, cheese crackers, dried fruit, chex mix, etc.)
fresh fruit or applesauce
yogurt w/granola

homemade lasagna, steamed broccoli, foccacia, grapes
chili from the freezer with rice, oranges
takeout pizza (free w/voucher) garden salad, pudding
smoked turkey, stuffing, steamed carrots, jello
taco salads, apples
scrambled eggs w/vegetables & cheese, sliced spam, toast, oranges
tuna sandwiches, pretzels, pickle & veggie tray, apples

These meals should go together fairly quickly.  I will get to try out the new-to-me rice cooker/vegetable steamer, and none of these meals require a lot of prep or attention. 

What's on the menu at your home this week?

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