Monday, April 8, 2013

This Week's Freezer/Pantry Menu

We continue to plan our menus primarily from the freezer and pantry, though we are still spending about $20 a week for produce, milk, items on sale, etc.  This past week I splurged a bit and got some frozen wild blueberries.  I also got all this stuff:

About $17.
I bought other things as well, but I didn't take photos.  Some days are like that, you know?
Here is our plan for this week:

Breakfasts (some will repeat):
homemade whole grain scones, fresh fruit, ice water
vanilla yogurt with fresh fruit and homemade granola, ice water
breakfast tacos with cilantro, radish, eggs, salsa, cheese and corn tortillas, oranges, ice water
fruit smoothies with frozen fruit and yogurt
cereal, fruit and milk

leftovers from supper when available
green smoothies w/yogurt
peanut butter on whole wheat, carrots and celery, applesauce

homemade black bean burgers on buns, homemade tomato soup, oranges
ground beef stroganoff, green beans, garden salad, apple wedges
grilled marinated chicken, rice, kimchee, carrot raisin salad
Domino's pizza (using $10 gift card from RetailMeNot), carrot and celery sticks, oranges
chicken fajita quesedillas, salsa, sour cream, sweet corn, fresh fruit
beef broccoli with crisped noodles, kimchee, fresh fruit
shrimp scampi, roasted potatoes w/onions/rosemary/olive oil, garden salad, oranges

popcorn and juice
homemade dry fruit and nut trail mix
yogurt w/granola and fruit
fresh fruit
celery w/peanut butter

What have you planned for the week?  I'm sharing this at :)


Liz said...

I do so much better in the spending department by planning my meals. I usually plan around whats on sale at the store. Wild blueberries sure sound good!

Laura said...

Me too, Liz. The produce sales really help decide what we are having these days, since I'm trying to mostly use meats and starches we have on hand in the freezer and pantry.

The wild blueberries were a splurge, but they are a healthy one, and they will be savored. :) Walmart here sells a 2lb. bag of frozen ones (Dole brand) for about $9.50. They have always been very flavorful and in good condition when we've gotten them.


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