Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Herbs in a Planter

This is Daughter's Home Life project for school.  We thought we'd share with you here!

We are planting herbs in the planter.  We used seeds.  It takes longer than with plants but we already had the seeds.  We put plastic over the seeds to make the water cycle so the seedlings would grow.

I chose parsley, basil, chammomile and lemon balm for the planter.  I made plant markers so we would know what herb was planted in each spot.

Some seeds go in the soil.  Some go on top of the soil.  Usually, the bigger seeds go deeper and tiny seeds are up on top of the dirt. 

Once the soil is wet, we put plastic wrap on top and waited a long time.  The basil came up first, then the chammomile.  The lemon balm was next and the parsley was last.  It took about 2 weeks.

I will keep my seedlings watered and they will grow into herbs for salad, tea and pasta.  They will have a lot of flavor.  When it is warm outside, we can put the pot outside, but right now, it is snowing and it's cold.


momma-lana said...

Your seedlings look great! Parsley really takes patience doesn't it? I am waiting for mine to sprout right now.

Laura said...

Yes! When we plant parsley outdoors (the seeds) it is hard to get them to grow - I think because the soil dries out too quickly. We are eager for warmer weather so we can grow our plants outside, but for now, they are doing well in the house. Thank you for commenting!

Cathy said...

How do you go about drying your herbs for tea? I want to grow mint for tea but I'm not sure how to go about drying it.


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