Tuesday, April 9, 2013


I have not posted one of these posts in a while.  That is in part because I've had other things to put on the blog, and part because I have been less focused on general.  Why I think the weekly menu takes priority over expressing gratitude to God is beyond me.  Maybe because it's practical?  Maybe because I wonder (just a little) what people will think of me, stepping out and saying that God is good and He blesses me?  Maybe because it's easy to let the day to day stuff of life get in the way of paying attention to all the ways I'm blessed.  I'm still learning and still finding my way, so it's not surprising that I got off track for a bit.  At any rate, here are some things I am thankful for these days.

Heavenly Father, thank you for....

....a warm cozy home on a cold windy day.

....blankets and covers to wrap ourselves in snugly.

....church family who miss me when I'm not there.

....a loving husband who is kind and appreciates that I try.

....work I can do from home, and work where Daughter can be part of what I do.

....wild blueberries.

....friends who are willing to lend, borrow, share and support one another.

....quiet moments when I feel the peace that knowing You brings to me.

....a child who trusts me to answer the hard questions, and who is willing to share her fears so we can talk through them.

....Jamie Grace's music. 

....answers to audacious prayers.

....the coming spring.


moreofhim said...

Beautiful blessings! Thank you for coming by and linking up on my Counting Our Blessings Tuesday. Really enjoyed reading your blog, too.

Blessings - Julie

Laura said...

Thanks so much, Julie. Reading your post (I am a subscriber to your blog) motivated me to get this done this morning - so you're another of my blessings! :)


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