Saturday, April 6, 2013

Busy Times

Hello, friends - I hope you are well!  We are fine, but exceptionally busy.  We've added a trio of ducks to our hobby farm, and that adds a bit to our daily routine.  We are also breeding our rabbits right now in preparation for library programs in June and July.  Three of our Silkie hens are broody and wanting to hatch some eggs, and we will likely let at least one of them set very soon. 

In addition, I will begin some part-time work from home in mid-April.  It's temporary, so it won't keep me away for a long time, but I will be posting less.  I plan to continue with the frugal accomplishments posts, some homeschool highlights and hopefully the occasional farm or garden post.  I will likely continue the menu posts too, mostly because they help me stay on track!

I hope you'll continue to stop in from time to time, just to see what we're up to.  I will do my best to keep you posted!

Happy Spring!
-Laura at TenThingsFarm


Anonymous said...

You're definitely a busy lady! How fun that you got ducks--I so want some of my own, but they would be too loud for our neighbors I think. Lucy and Ethel embarrass us as it is! But I really want some, anyway. :)

Laura said...

Ducks are loud! Chickens can be too, but not like ducks! It makes me smile that in the chicken world, the roosters are the noisy ones and the hens are (relatively) quiet....but in the duck world, the ducks are really loud - the drakes have a much quieter sound that they make.


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