Monday, March 25, 2013

This Week's Menu - Pantry, Freezer and a little $

I have to admit, we didn't really follow the menu this past week.  There were some food items gifted to us, and that changed our plans a bit.  It was fine, and we still ate at home for the most part.  For us, a menu is a tool, not a law, so it worked out fine.  Some of the meals we were going to have last week will 'roll' to this week instead.  :)

When it came time to peruse the grocery ads this week, I first peeked into the crisper drawers and found that I had:  an apple, quite a few oranges, lots of celery and cabbage, a couple of  good sized carrots, a tomato, a head and a half of leaf lettuce, radishes, a couple fresh onions, and plenty of cilantro. 

We didn't need a lot this week, so I did some stocking up. At the store I picked up some grapes for .99 a pound and a good size bunch of bananas for .47 a pound.  I also picked up a 4-pack of Activia yogurt for $1 after coupon (and then found out I could get free yogurt at King Sooper - oh well), Tombstone pizzas for 1.99 each and some Cheezit crackers for 1.99 (for the big box).  There was a sale/coupon combo that allowed me to get chocolate chips for .99 a bag and I picked up some raw shrimp that was a really good price and also on markdown.  They are in the freezer waiting for a special occasion.  We also splurged for some spray whipped cream.  When I was in town Saturday (for a chicken program), I stopped by the bread outlet and got two loaves of 100% whole wheat bread for $1 (total), so we're set for a while. 

At King Sooper they had dole pineapple and mandarin oranges for $1 a can - I got them for .50 and .66 per can with my coupons.  I also got some tortilla chips, two primroses (which are not food, but they were $1 each and just so pretty!) and finally, four 32 oz containers of yogurt for free!  Technically, since I was using the free store credit to pay at King Sooper, everything I bought there was free. 
Here is this week's plan:

Breakfasts (some will repeat)
yogurt w/applesauce & granola
Ihop pancakes (trying a recipe), syrup, oranges
ham/cheddar/onion/quinoa egg pie (slices from the freezer)
pb toast, fruit smoothies

Lunches (some may repeat)
leftovers from supper when available
bean & cheese burritos, green salad, oranges
pbj, celery sticks, applesauce

animal crackers with a peanut butter 'mud hole' (Daughter LOVES this!!)

Suppers (random order)
ham fried rice with vegetables, sliced oranges
leftover rotisserie chicken, baked potatoes w/butter & sour cream, steamed broccoli, sliced oranges
chicken-onion-cheese quesedillas (the last of the rotisserie chicken for this one), green salad, frijoles, grapes
nachos deluxe, banana pudding
shrimp tacos, slaw, sliced oranges
frozen pizza, salad w/Italian dressing and croutons, orange slices
chili and rice, carrot & celery sticks, sliced apples

Well, that's the plan.  We are low on milk, but I'm waiting for a sale.  We have Morning Moo (a milk powder that tastes much better than most of them) on hand - I can always make a quart of that to tide us over.

Do you plan a menu?  What are you having this week?  Also, if you celebrate Easter, what are you planning for an Easter meal?  I'm looking for some simple ideas for a casual meal.  :)

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Rhonda said...

We are splurging for the big Easter meal. Husband will smoke prime ribs. I'm making stuffed eggs, crescent rolls, a veggie plate with dip and a German chocolate cake. DIL is bringing a potato casserole.
And of course some assorted candy.
Hope you have a nice Easter

Laura said...

Rhonda, that sounds like a lovely meal! We went ahead and made a 'regular menu' for the week without anything especially fancy planned for Easter. I think I'm going to make meatballs for spaghetti and meatballs. :)


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