Monday, March 18, 2013

My Secret Garden

This is Daughter's report for her Home Life project.  We hope you enjoy it.

My assignment for Home Life is to build a terrarium.  Here are my supplies:  a glass container with potting soil, some plants and some treasures for decorating.  We were having a pajama school day too, so I'm wearing my pj's. 

First I added some water to the soil, because it was very dry.  Once the soil has absorbed the water I can plant the plants.

I sprouted this bean plant in science class, so I want to add it to the terrarium.  The other plants I'm adding are small jade plants.  We rooted the cuttings at home, from our big jade plant.

Now there are three plants in my terrarium.

Next I added some treasures, like a rock, a bead, my little dinosaur and a shell.

The butterfly was too big to go inside, so I put her on top of my terrarium.  I think it looks really nice. 

I put my terrarium in the window with the other plants.

Later I saw that there was a lot of water on the glass part of the terrarium.  That is because of the water cycle.  The water cycle is when water moves from the earth or the oceans and streams to the sky, then it falls as rain or snow to the earth again.  In the terrarium, the water was in the soil.  The sun heated the terrarium and some water evaporated from the soil and made drops on the glass.  When the drops get big, they slide down the glass and back into the soil.  A terrarium is a good way to see the water cycle in a small size.

I like my terrarium and I think my plants will grow really nicely.  If they get too big I will find a bigger jar for them, if I can.  The end.


Cathy said...

Great job! I think it is wonderful how you get to learn so many different things with a hands on approach. You are one lucky girl!

momma-lana said...

The butterfly on top is lovely! You have such a nice smile in all your Mom's pictures.

Laura said...

Thank you! I like making things and learning at home! :)


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