Monday, March 4, 2013

Menu - Pantry Plus $20

We are continuing with our budget slashing behavior!  Our goal is to 'eat down' the pantry and freezer, and spend $20 per week for produce, sale items and small amounts of stocking up. 

This past week had a few good sales - oranges 3lb. for $1, apples and tomatoes for .88 a pound, leaf lettuce for .88 each.  Radishes were .49 a bunch, as was cilantro, and I got some bananas for .47 a pound.   We were out of carrots, and they're .59 a pound all the time at Sprouts, so I got some there.  I also matched a sale and coupon for Blue Bell ice cream - half gallon for 2.88.  We've decided to limit ice cream to one carton a month.  I know that is probably less than a lot of families eat anyway, but we - me in particular - really like ice cream. 

We still have a lot on hand, so I went through the fridge, pantry and freezer and came up with a menu.  Here is the plan for this week:

quinoa/ham/cheddar bites, fresh fruit
pb toast, fruit smoothies
scrambled eggs, toast, fresh fruit
oatmeal, dried fruit, milk

leftovers from suppers when available
salad with cheese, fruit, nuts, croutons, dressing
pb sandwich, carrot sticks, fresh fruit
black bean veggie burgers, salad, fresh fruit

steak chili with rice, apples
turkey and rice southwest casserole, garden salad, oranges
vegetable soup, grilled cheese sandwiches, oranges
spaghetti w/meat sauce, Italian bread w/herbs and olive oil, green salad, asparagus
quesedillas, bean-corn-tomato salad, strawberry-lime smoothies
grilled brats, raw vegetable tray w/dip, fries, fruit plate
dinner out (gift card + kids eat free coupon)

I need to decide if I'm making the bread for spaghetti night or picking up a loaf at the store.  We have a fair amount of busy this week, so we will see if there is bread on the markdown shelf.  I also plan to pick up a half gallon of milk while they're still on sale for $1.  Other than that, the grocery list is tortilla chips and sliced cheese.  Everything else is on hand already. 

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BW said...

Wow! Great menu! can you share the recipe for the quinoa/ham/cheddar bites?

Laura said...

Hi, BW, and thanks for your kind words! Here is a link to the recipe, with the caveat that I have not tried them yet (though they do sound pretty tasty!).

Let me know what you think! :)


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