Friday, March 29, 2013

Farm Girl Blogfest #26

Apologies that this went up late today.  I had an incorrect time in the scheduler - oops!  Thank you to Kristi for all your help!

Welcome to

We had some awesome posts shared last wee--did you see them all? You guys are all so brilliant!

#1 Learning About the Tomato Hornworm by Day by Day Homestead

Follow along as Mrs. DaybyDay shares with us about the life cycle of the tomato hornworm, how to recognize them, and how to get rid of them. Great post!

#2 My Knead for Bread by The Messy Organic Mum

Who doesn't love fresh-baked bread? Follow along with Elizabeth through her bread adventures and try the recipe she tweaked until perfection! Mmmm!

#3 Cheep Chicks by The Domestically Impaired Guide to the Retro Kitchen Arts

Join Kelli in making the cutest little chicks out of M&Ms! Perfect for your child's Easter Basket!

Congratulations everyone!

If you were chosen as a favorite, I invite you to grab the Farm Girl Friday Blog Fest 'favorites' button and display it proudly on your blog!

Farm Girl Friday Favorite

Be sure to visit the Farm Girl Friday Blog Fest Pinterest board to view ALL of the past favorite posts thus far! And don't forgot to keep sharing the love over at Fresh Eggs Daily every week by clicking the link and seeing what kind of fresh, interesting and informative posts they have for you!

And now, for the Fest!

If you would like to join in this week, please share up to three of your best:

• DIY projects, craft ideas, thrifty makeovers or repurposed items

• Gardening or homesteading tips

• Recipes

• Decorating ideas

• Homemaking or farm-themed posts

• Healthy living tips

Farm Girl Friday Blog Fest

Please grab the Fest button above or somehow link this party back to your blog. We would love for you to follow our blogs, and if you are a new blog follower, let us know so we can return the favor! (Linking up to this party will automatically sign you up for an invite to next week's party via email. To unsubscribe, please reply to any email you receive and you will be removed. Linking up also allows us permission to publish one of your photos on our blogs, Facebook, and/or Pinterest pages.

NOTE: Farm Girl Favorite featured posts are chosen according to the number of clicks they get over the week. However, only those bloggers who take care to link back to the blog hop are eligible. We have unfortunately had to pass up featuring some bloggers for the Farm Girl Favorite who have wonderful blog posts and have more clicks than others simply because they did not link back. Please don't forget this important step so your readers can learn about the blog hop, and so our readers can learn about you!

Let's see what you've been up to this week! Don't forget to visit some of your fellow posters' blogs and let them know that you are visiting from the Blog Fest!


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